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expedia.com Reviews

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  • Expedia worst travel website & worst customer service ever.

    I made a reservation on Expedia for a beach hotel in Hurghada paid online full amount, one day before I travel I called the hotel just to reconfirm he said to me yes confirmed but you have to pay 160$ on arrival as a supplement, there wasn't any note on Expedia that I have to pay suppl., I called the customer service for 3 hrs a stupid agent can't solve the issue she transferred me to her supervisor another 3 he's and he did nothing then transferred me to the corporate team she didn't gave any care or attention she hang up & cancelled my reservation without my... More...
    Girgo's Picture   Girgo    0 Comments   Comments
  • Flight tickect refund because of ZIKA virus

    I found I am pregnant before our flight to Brazil, I called customer service for cancellation. Because of Zika Virus, before our flight, I went to see my family doctor, he told us all pregnant woman in Canada should not go to Brazil. I called for cancellation, first call someone told me this will process for 8 weeks. I made several calls, someone told me I will get refund, but the air company will contact me directly to make sure later on. However, the LATAM told me issued through a travel agency any request for a refund has to be done directly with them. Not like expedia, I called Airbnb... More...
    stephaniema's Picture   stephaniema    0 Comments   Comments
  • Expedia's booked my itinerary incorrectly

    Expedia booked me a flight on Air France from London to Paris with a connecting flight on XL airlines from Paris to New York. The layover was 90 minutes. I questioned the timing and said I did not think that that was enough time between flights. The Expedia rep assured me that it was and that legally all I needed was 60 minutes. Again, on the morning of the flight I spoke with Expedia and questioned the timing. Again, I was assured that that was plenty of time. On the day of the flight, Air France overbooked the flight from London to Paris and I was bumped from my flight. Accordingly, I... More...
    dangiannini's Picture   dangiannini    0 Comments   Comments
  • Never use their insurance, scam

    we used expedia in the past. However, this time we took out trip insurance. We had a problem with British Airlines losing our luggage. We then called expedia and told them our story. They said that we should not worry as we are covered and preceded to give me a number to call and a policy number. I called the number and was told that i was not covered. I then called back expedia and was told that I should have been covered but, unfortunately, they are merely an agent for the insurance company and if you aren't covered, sorry, I guess we were wrong More...
    erico3454's Picture   erico3454    0 Comments   Comments
  • Example: ALLURE RESORT

    Stayed at the ALLURE RESORT IN orlando florida never stay in this hotel. The rooms are dirty, dirty sheets, leaky faucet, no room service, I found bugs in our room and lamps don't work the staff could care less. What ever you do don't stay at this hotel. The owner name is Christina gonzallous and is never there. The front desk people are as rude and don't know what they are doing. Staying in your car would be a 5 star compared to this hotel. More...
  • Scam, Scam, Scam, READ THE FINE PRINT.

    Scam, Scam, Scam, READ THE FINE PRINT. I was charged 3times more just because I didn't read the fine print. I booked a 12 passenger van with room for 8 suitcases and unlimited mileage a month in advance. I have an Ontario Driving licence and I rented a van from Ontario and my final bill was almost 3 times more than the advertised price. I was told that since I am resident of Ontario therefore I had to pay for the extra mileage, anything more than 200km/day. I rented this van just because it was advertised as unlimited mileage. When I booked this van I was asked for my address which... More...
    mkazem's Picture   mkazem    0 Comments   Comments
  • Reservation

    I'd spent 2 and half hrs on the phone with there customer service trying to book a trip for my family. In that 2 and half hours I was disconnected once, called again gave all my information and they ran my credit card incorrectly. I'd ask to get transfer to a manager. the lady transfer me to some guy who I thought was the manager. After about 30 mins with that person I found out that I wasn't speaking to a manager. Once they finally transfer me to a really manager my trip price went up by $600 and they said that there is nothing they could do about it because I... More...
    viethomer's Picture   viethomer    0 Comments   Comments
  • Rude and unhelpful staff

    I booked tickets with Expedia and didn't realise that they didn't include luggage as it wasn't with low cost airline. I called Expedia to see if there was anything can be done to include the luggage as there was 5 tickets I purchased. The member of staff advised that I should speak to British Airways and they should be able to help as there was nothing that they can do from their end. The BA lines were closed for the day so he said I need to wait until the next day. Which I have done and next day I found out that BA can't help and it's Expedia who can do changes. I... More...
    Emine's Picture   Emine    0 Comments   Comments
  • Worst flight ever!!!

    Expedia is not professional at all and I don%u2019t recommend it for anyone who wants to book a flight ticket. I%u2019ve successfully booked a flight ticket from Cairo to Ottawa with 2 stops, the 1st one is in Istanbul and the 2nd stop in Toronto. But when I arrived to my 1st stop in Istanbul I discovered that my 2nd flight to Toronto got cancelled 2 weeks ago, and the Airline operator told me that Expedia was supposed to send me a notification and that there is nothing she can help me with, and that I should call Expedia to figure out what should I do. Unfortunately Expedia who didn%u2019t... More...
    Hadeer's Picture   Hadeer    0 Comments   Comments
  • Expedia GOLD Member = Total Disrespect!

    I've spent 10's of thousands of $ w/Expedia, and am a Gold member for years. I've accumulated POINTS, which they make virtually impossible to use! You can't book via phone but yet they WON'T transfer you to the Gold desk. They are rude and don't speak English well, I had to spell my email over 4 times! They say they'll call you back, they don't. They say to book through the App, whoops - can't use the Points! They say to call, whoops - can't use the points. The online booking went up $12.98 while I was TRYING (in vain) to make the... More...
    cbash's Picture   cbash    0 Comments   Comments
  • Those guys are thieves

    We rent a car in Costa Rica for 11 days though Expedia. The email confirmation certified that I had only 177$left over to pay on a good price rental car. First, we arrived and the car we asked for was not there, the guy wanted us to take a crapy car instead. And next HUGE fees were required added to the 177$ for a "insurance" they asked us more than 700$, telling us that it was indispensable and we won't find any other car available anyway. Of course we find an other car somewhere else in 5 min, where they told us the the 'insurance' fees were only optional. So... More...
    (Car Dealers, Mechanics, Auto General - Sponsored by HYUNDAI)
    Caro44's Picture   Caro44    0 Comments   Comments
  • no refund

    i was giving ticket from Expedia with tight connection between flight.So i couldn't catch the second and i was stuck at airport in Europe not bu my fault.The only solution was to buy new ticket from Europa to United States that cost me more than $1000.now instead of spending only $700 for my ticket i spend $2000.why ? just because Expedia say its my fault i miss the flight.NEVER AGAIN EXPEDIA. More...
    sanjic's Picture   sanjic    0 Comments   Comments
  • Oasia Sens in Cancun Mexico

    This is by far the absolutely worse resort I've ever stayed in. It's false advertisement, it isn't fully all inclusive, we saw a roach on the dessert bar at the pizza and Italian restaurant. Some of the alcohol and restaurants you have to pay additional for and most times the water was cold when trying to take a shower and the air didn't work half of the time. Went there for my boyfriend 50th and wanted him to have a memorable experience and it was horrible!! More...
    Jstryng2live's Picture   Jstryng2live    0 Comments   Comments
  • Airline tickets

    My daughter, Great grandson and I purchased airline tickets which due to an event being canceled could not use, we need to use these tickets by April 6th. We paid $440.00 each for them. We are now told we will have to pay an additional $600.00 each to use in March. $400.00 each for additional cost and the $200.00 each for cancelling. So the total charge for these 3 tickets is $ 3120.00 . We cannot afford to do this, we asked for another 3 weeks as we have a reunion at a different location that we could use them for that would be the additional $200.00 each. This company simply... More...
    presleyanne1's Picture   presleyanne1    1 Comments   Comments
  • Motel agreed

    I recently booked a room in Conway, SC thru Expedia. The paper said NO refunds. We had a change in dates and the motel accepted but Expedia would not change. They put it off on the motel. Now I have lost $80 because of Expedia. I never asked for a refund just to change the date. NEVER, NEVER USE THIS COMPANY. They will only screw you! More...
    Annie7491's Picture   Annie7491    1 Comments   Comments
  • Number of Tickets Left - Does it work really ?

    I recently had a trip to Dallas , i had my tickets booked some 5 weeks before my travel date , while i was booking my tickets and selecting my airline almost all the airlines were showing 1 ticket left , 2 tickets left. I Selected american airline , and it was showing 2 tickets left . I booked my ticket thru american , even return showed 2 tickets left. And while i was travelling - this is what i noticed , flight is really Empty. So many seats are vacant. This is not the first time i noticed i believe should have noticed many times. Does EXPEDIA really give correct information on number... More...
    rnachiar's Picture   rnachiar    0 Comments   Comments
  • Expedia would not honor red cross offer

    Our party of 6 experienced the Ft Lauderdale shooting evacuation. We did not have anything, except I had my purse and the 4 men in the group had their wallets. After we arrived at the Port Everglade, hours after the evacuation, we were told that the Red Cross made some rooms available. We were directed to the Expedia site where there was a green button that said something like "Red Cross waiver". We pressed it and the dates for the reservation were automatically entered, we could not change them. We selected a hotel and clicked on it, the first one that popped up. The green... More...
    whitten123's Picture   whitten123    0 Comments   Comments
  • Don't use them

    I booked my flight to visit my grand-son in San Diego. They accidentally cancelled my flight and I only found out at the airport. When I called them, they put me on hold more than 1 hours so I was forced to purchase a ticket from Airline. A ticket that was suppose to cost me $350.00 ended up $950. All I got back from Expedia is lousy discount coupon for $200, and that is after I called them multiple times. More...
    Peter7777's Picture   Peter7777    0 Comments   Comments
  • EXpedia and Days Inn bad customer service after gun incident in parking lot.

    We booked a room for our son's family for the Thanksgiving hoilday at the Day's Inn in Lakewood,Ohio because we have limited space. We decided to book another room so the kids could gave their own beds, and my husband went to the hotel to ask if that was still possible. As he was leaving the hotel, he passed a van with a man inside. He made eye contact with the man and the man asked what my husband wanted. When he said "nothing" the man showed him a gun and told him "he was a gangster and to move along if he knew what was good for him." This hotel is in a nice... More...
    Sofiesmom's Picture   Sofiesmom    1 Comments   Comments
  • Attempting to book a cruise.

    I have been trying to book a cruise online for 2 adults and 3 children. We wanted two adjoining rooms. This is IMPOSSIBLE to do. There is no way to guarantee that you end up next to your CHILDREN. Come on people this doesn't seem so difficult. My husband works for a company that could whip your website in to shape in no time. If you try to book it with a customer service rep over the phone the price is much more expensive. The rep told me the prices online were cheaper. She also helped me find available rooms to book but I was unable to do so online. I am beyond frustrated. I would... More...
    dmcneill's Picture   dmcneill    0 Comments   Comments
  • False Advertising and Misleading information

    I booked ticket and insurance and paid in full 08/15. Medical emergency came us 09/1/15 and when I tried to reschedule my return flight was told by Operation ID #6636 A $200.00 ticket change price I needed to pay. When I asked what did the insurance coverage I was told that it is booked by a third party and I would need to follow their policy. "WOW" When I asked her to show that to me in writing within the purchased policy or on their website she informed me that Its is not available consumer to see! Only when you need to change they will informed you of the change fee. Worse... More...
    dlewis10's Picture   dlewis10    0 Comments   Comments
  • Expedia group reservation nightmare!

    Tried to book a group family reservation for a party of seven. Expedia redirected me to their local designated agent, and service was horrible. No return calls and finally a quote that was significantly higher than what was posted on their site! Also one hand didn't know what the other was doing. One call was an agent in Egypt and then the next agent was in the USA, followed by someone in Canada. More...
    Drdong's Picture   Drdong    0 Comments   Comments
  • What a lousy company you are

    Expedia collaborated with two different airline companies for a single flight but didn't notify your customers of the information. Now, my luggage is held up in Paris while I am in China because these two companies claimed that they don't work together. I called the service team for 5 times and every time the receptionist said he would report to the manager and then call back. Guess what? 20 days have passed and no one called back. I shouldn't have trusted your service. This is lousy. Trust the company will may bankrupt soon. Listen! Never place an order here because no one... More...
    yoyopichu's Picture   yoyopichu    2 Comments   Comments
  • Shocking!!

    Hi, I had used Expedia before with no real complaints. However on this occasion I was planning on running the Budapest marathon on 11 october. I had selected the dates and proceeded to purchase the deal. On review of the tickets I noticed there had been an error (presumably it related betwee picking dates and the checkout) as the dates where for 13-14 October which is just ridiculous!!! Therefore I called the service desk where I was spoken to like a child and not listened to as I tried to explain the situation numerous times. They then told me they would investigate with no response... More...
    (Holiday shopping reviews)
    almclaren001's Picture   almclaren001    0 Comments   Comments
  • Excellent Service - The Baron Travel Corporation

    Kristine at The Baron Travel Corporation, or graylinephilippines.com.ph did an excellent job of helping to get a loved one to and from the airport in Manilla. She needed to get back and forth, as well as get her parents to the airport, to and from a condo. I really appreciate their taking care of this and work ing with us on the reservations. Drivers and service was very good, and in an area that can be unsafe it was nice to know I did not have to worry. I recommend them highly. Bryan More...
    bryanExpedia's Picture   bryanExpedia    0 Comments   Comments
  • Irresponsible Customer Service Advice

    Was looking for a flight hotel deal for my family, found Expedia offering an extremely cheap price. My suspicion was that the flight (BA) did not includes check-in luggage, if so we will have to pay £33 each to have bags checked in and we'd rather book elsewhere. Web site says baggage fee "unknown", so phoned customer service and asked if there was any fee for baggage. The customer service guy repeatedly confirmed that it IS included and once booking is made it is visible on itinerary, so I booked the whole thing. Nothing is shown on itinerary so went onto my BA... More...
    (Holiday shopping reviews)
    eliasmith's Picture   eliasmith    0 Comments   Comments
  • Expedia sells airline ticket without seats - stand or pay extra!

    The airline ticket does NOT include the price of seats. Airline will charge a fee to assign seats as booked via Expedia. Or you have to buy a seat on each leg of the trip on website. The excuse that "it says it in the contract" is a lame one as there is NO statement that there is a cost on top of what you pay. Expedia said they don't include that b/c it "MAY" happen but not always. Baloney. And customer service reads the answer over and over. You as customer are out of luck. and expedia has lost another customer More...
    confre's Picture   confre    1 Comments   Comments

    I never complain (even with poor service) but this is the second time that I have experienced poor service from Expedia. This time, my credit card was fraudulently charged so I called Expedia to get this situation dealt with. The first gentlemen listened, told me he had made notes on my case and said to expect to receive a call back within 3 hours, I waited and heard nothing. I then called again first thing in the morning and spoke with a different person, she had no idea about my case as the original gentlemen made no notes and there was nothing in system regarding my complaint. She... More...
    AshleySHM's Picture   AshleySHM    1 Comments   Comments
  • NEVER USE EXPEDIA! Horrible customer service!

    After choosing Expedia to book my family's flight everything seemed fine, but EVERYTHING WAS WRONG. My daughters name was wrong. The flight for 4 people was booked 2 people per ticket leaving two of us without seats on the flights. On the return flight when checking in from Billings Montana the flight had been incorrectly booked for Rapid City South Dakota which is over 500 miles away impossible to make. Was on hold for 4 hours spoke to the supervised and also a manager. Not only were they rude, but the told me it was my fault and they couldn't do anything for me. Stupid,... More...
    Bonnieroth's Picture   Bonnieroth    0 Comments   Comments
  • Worst service and worst provider

    I booked three tickets through Expedia in May from JfK New York to VNS India. I was very happy with the pricing and tickets. However my experience changed 360 degree when I got a email from Expedia in July telling my flight got cancelled. I called them about the issue and they suggested that airlines (AIR INDIA) has cancelled the first segment from JFK to London and since its airline mistake they will try to look for other options for me. I asked them what are my options, so they suggested either I can get another ticket and since its initiated by airlines I donot have to bear any change in... More...
    ashishga's Picture   ashishga    0 Comments   Comments
  • Expedia can't book flights

    We had to cancel a trip and after extremely long holds expedia refunded our hotel and gave us an airline credit. When it was time to rebook our flight I was on the phone for 4 hours! 4 hours! I was put on hold for 45 minutes no one ever came back. I wS disconnected at the end. And never got a call back or the confirmation email even though I got a confirmation number. Then we get an email saying our flights were cancelled which was not the case they never processed our trip! I called a fourth time and had to redo the entire rebooking. Again I get a confirmation number and then again... More...
    Angry33's Picture   Angry33    0 Comments   Comments
  • Wrong room booked; 3 weeks later and no solution or apology

    Booked an ocean view king bed for my stay in Honolulu, when I received my confirmation email I saw that I was instead booked for a city view room with double beds. Called expedia immediately, and after initially being told I would have to pay an extra $2000 to fix their error, 3 hours on hold I was finally put through to a corporate manager who told me they would have to pull the phone call to make sure it was actually an agent error, and then they would get back to me. I was told it took 3-5 business days to pull the call; 17 days later, at least 10 phone calls later, each with a minimum... More...
    Hoao62's Picture   Hoao62    0 Comments   Comments
  • Feel Cheated from EXPEDIA.COM

    On July 5 booked a trip with my wife through EXPEDIA.COM., itinerary # 1110107155184. On its website we were made to believe that if we buy travel protection package plan through them, we will have the right to cancel our trip for any reasons without any penalty or fees at any time prior to 48 hours before scheduled of the trip. When I called Expedia.com to cancel our trip for at least 14 days before our trip was supposed to start, they told me that I will have refund only for the cheapest part of the trip (ground transportation and hotel ) but nothing for the flights tickets, the most... More...
    malsu4's Picture   malsu4    0 Comments   Comments
  • Canceling a reservation

    i have tried to cancel a reservation that I made with Expedia and it is extremely difficult and I have not been able to do so after multiple tries, these numbers are no help, 866-310-0576 or 877-283-5585, if it continues I will never use Expedia again and I will notify the thousand of friends that I have also, my name is Randy Kubosh, 281-755-7004 More...
    RandyKubosh's Picture   RandyKubosh    0 Comments   Comments
  • booked reservation for 17 person

    i booked reservation for 17 people to auruba 0n 6-21-15 in morning, received 4 email only one was conformed with passenger list, called c.s , told me i had only resevation for 6 people. while talking system went down he cannot do any thing, transfer me to sales she told she will call which never happend. finally at 8 pm somebody called me but said she can no do anything but can add remainnig 11 pepeople but price will be 600 doller more evry 6 people. i told her to cancel whole thing. she did cancel flight only and told me will leave note for her supervisor for motel cancellation refund.,... More...
  • Expedia telephone service lousy

    I am very dissatisfied with the phone service I received from Expedia. It was not a particular agent but connection to the agents and wait times involved to get problem resolved as well as visibility to the changes made on the phone on the website. 1. I called to cancel a flight to Philadelphia (Itenary#110770029873) the day after it was made. I was CUTOFF as we were cancelling this on the phone. I received no call back, no e-mail, nothing. I looked at the website and it said cancelled on the website (The expedia manager that I spoke to two weeks later disputed this fact). I saw 2 weeks... More...
    ganglesc's Picture   ganglesc    0 Comments   Comments
  • Expedia made it much easier on us.

    We booked a flight out to Lancaster PA from O'Hare with Expedia. We missed our flight by 3 minutes due to security issues. My husband had three appointments that he was supposed to make, but this setback costed us a whole day! We called Expedia and explained the situation and right away they resolved it by booking us the next flight out for the next day. They did not charge us a transfer fee, as they knew we were in distress. This was a huge relief! I made a big mistake by booking my hotel with Orbitz. Even though I paid for my entire hotel stay up front and in full, they would not... More...
    jlmill91's Picture   jlmill91    0 Comments   Comments
  • Lie About Refunding Money

    I booked 4 flights in May, 2015. I asked Expedia Rep, if I had to cancel flights - would I get a refund. I explained the reason why I needed to know this. She informed me as long as I purchased the insurance I would get a full refund, if I cancelled my flights. I had to cancel the flights this week due to husband not coming back overseas and son having military orders to relocate. Expedia Reps kept me on hold for long periods of time. First agent wouldn't help me. Gave me insurance number. The insurance only pays if your dead, jury duty or sick. I never lied about asking the... More...
    prock's Picture   prock    0 Comments   Comments
  • expedia hotel reservations

    Made a reservation through expedia a couple of days ago. My husband asked if I gave my AAA card so we could receive our discount. I had forgotten to give my card number so I called expedia customer service. They told me they could not help me and told me to call the hotel. Called the hotel and was told they could not help me because the reservation had been made through expedia. This is a horrible policy and I will be SURE to never reserve through expedia again. Not only is the policy wrong, the employees are not even trained to know their own unfair policies. More...
    cgconrad's Picture   cgconrad    0 Comments   Comments
  • Expedia is severly lacking.

    I would like to say that my experience with Expedia has been less than ideal. I have called multiple times and each time been given the run around. Three different people have given me three different reasons as to why they were unable to do as I had requested. Each time I have called there has been at lease a 30 minute wait time to talk to anyone and the people who I have been unlucky enough to speak with either treated me with hostility or as if I were a child they had to put up with. The represenatives I spoke with were unprofessional when asked to call an airline, they complained they... More...
    wintersmith's Picture   wintersmith    0 Comments   Comments
  • Tollroad Motor Inn, Manchester, Vt.

    Stayed on a Friday night in Late June. Upstairs room was spacious & well-appointed. View out our window to beautifully landscaped gardens/lawn leading down to a brook. Kept our window open all night listening to the brook-very relaxing! Proprietress baked breads & delicious muffins served as Continental Breakfast the next morning. Very pleasurable stay & reasonably priced, we'll certainly return. More...
    Linder's Picture   Linder    0 Comments   Comments
  • Expedia No Longer Cares About Customers

    I have used Expedia for approximately 11 years. Over the past year the Customer Service from Expedia went from OK to beyond aweful. I tried to cancel a hotel 3 days in a row online w Expedia (Because they dont want to talk to you) and everyday it said "We are Experiencing Site Issues". So I called Expedia, Wait times to speak with a rep were 1.5, hours, 2 hours, and once was over 3 hours. I elected the call back feature and was told I would recieve a call within 2 hours... 5 hours later they call. I explained that I couldnt cancel online, I called them well in advance of the... More...
    RSLauter's Picture   RSLauter    0 Comments   Comments
  • You have to see it to believe it

    My life is a wonderful series of events that takes me to new places frequently. There is always a place to rest ones head if you use common sense. As a man of constant motion it is important to remember while your head can rationalize comfort anywhere, your heart calls for home. There is no "Home" at a cookie cutter chain hotel. They lack authenticity and style. Heart is a literal and figurative word. And quite literally our hearts like to rest amongst their own. The Upper Level has achieved something that the modern world takes for granted. A home has been recreated.... More...
    Sunshine314's Picture   Sunshine314    0 Comments   Comments
  • Mystery Hotel Misleading Advertisement

    Do not buy any mystery deal from Expedia. They promised us a 4 Star Hotel in the Lower East Side of New York and once we paid it was revealed it was actually a 3 star hotel (as provided by Google, Kayak, Hotels Combined and Trivago). In addition, the communication from Expedia customer service has been poor, insulting and difficult to get in contact with someone other than an Indian call centre. On top of this, they offered $50 a gesture of goodwill. How can we trust anything else on their site, when they simply ignore their customers??? More...
    Noonch's Picture   Noonch    0 Comments   Comments

expedia.com Reviews By Product


expedia.com Comments

sverch says: (4 months ago)
Expedia charged me for hotel room I did not book. I tried to book it and entered my data including credit card number, but when I clicked final button to make a reservation, Expedia web site returned an error message that said they could not book this hotel and advised me to look for another hotel on their site. I gave up and went to Travelocity where I successfully booked the same hotel with the same kind of room, the price was slightly higher than Expedia, but it was ok. And then I received a confirmation from Expedia! The same Expedia that did notified me that they could not book this particular hotel. I called them right away and explained what happened on their web site. To make a long story short, I spent about 5 hours on the phone with them, then finally a "manager" told me that they "traced my activities" on their site and did not see any error message. It was a lie, so I asked him to describe my steps when I was trying to make a reservation, he could not describe it, which confirmed my suspicion that he was simply ( and consciously) lying. They refused to refund my payment, but offered to cancel this reservation -- without refund. These people are mere crooks. Stay away from Expedia.

calimarco says: (6 months ago)
My story against Expedia could go very long but I will make it short and go directly to the bottom line.
I booked a cruise through Expedia for Costa Mediterranean departing from Barcelona, Spain. As you might know there are 9 decks in the ship with cabinets, the higher you select the higher you pay. The price for the cruise was $749.00 while I was making the reservation one of the questions was the choice for the 6th, 7th or 8th deck but the price was $849.00. I selected the 8th deck and paid the extra hundred dollars. BUT, a week later I received an email directly from Costa with information about the upcoming cruise and in the mail was my cabinet number on the 4th deck. I immediately called Costa and explained that I've paid $100.00 extra for the 8 deck. They said that I have to contact Expedia since I reserved with them. So I called Expedia and they said that if Costa assigned that cabinet they could NOT do anything for me. I asked for a refund of the additional $200. I paid for my wife and I. Guest what, they said, after I spoke with two supervisors, that I was not getting any refund. This is the last time in my life I use Expedia. My recommendation to you is that you don't need Expedia, you don't need any intermediary to make any reservation. You can call directly or use internet to make your reservation directly and spend less.

Cabbage24 says: (3 years ago)
I will NEVER used Expedia again. The airlines changed the flights, Expedia GUARANTEED they would refund the money if I didn't like any of the alternative options only to REFUSE that after sending the alternative flight options that were not acceptable to our group. I have spent several hours on the phone with A Danielle Turner in their corporate customer service group WHAT A JOKE. I have trip insurance that they won't allow us to use either...NEVER NEVER NEVER WILL I EVER USE THIS CRAPPY SERVICE AGAIN.

ekemmel says: (3 years ago)
😡 The most unprofessional customer service. I booked a flight with expedia , the airline changed my flight time, I decided to cancel this flight, which according to their policy I am entitled to a full refund. Called Expedia more than 10times in one month, they gave me the run a round, each phone call was about 45-60min long, each ended with the agent disconnecting the phone. They lied on several occasions, even after talking to 2 different so called managers I have still not received my refund. I ended up canceling my credit card with them and will never use expedia again!!!!! Stay away from this company, they are a big fraud!!!!!

aprilc says: (3 years ago)
I have to say, not happy with their service. We've just them before without incident, but this time we've been charged for a 3rd airline ticket, and they say there is nothing they can do about it. We booked two tickets, then a 3rd came through on our AmEx, with 3 separate ticket numbers attached. We called Expedia, and they say there nothing they can do because they don't show the ticket, ticket number, or charge. AmEx is taking care of it on their end by reversing the charge and taking it up with Expedia, but WTF Expedia, really?

Casstalee says: (3 years ago)
I recently just had an awful experience with Expedia as well...I booked their Travel Insurance. DO NOT PURCHASE THIS!!!
My husband and I were going to travel to California next week (we live in Michigan). About 4 weeks ago we found out I am pregnant! YEA, BUT I am considered high risk and under doctor supervision for the first 10-12 weeks. Therefore, unable to travel this far!
I called Expedia and their Insurance and I was literally told 'unless you are in a hospital for pregnancy, our insurance is worth nothing to you.' WHAT??? I thought the insurance was for if an emergency happened and we were unable to travel, example being a written doctor's note forbidding travel until the end of July!
Now, I have to rebook a flight by March 2015 and reschedule the vacation. Problem is, we spent $1500 on the California flight tickets! As we obviously won't be traveling very far with my being pregnant and definitely not traveling with a one month old infant, we will lose out on 100% of our money and Expedia and US Airways gets to just keep it!

sheryleongxe says: (3 years ago)
Expedia has the worst customer service ever. Charged me for a transaction that I did not make, promised to fax documents over to my bank for verification but failed to do so. The bank evidently has records of the transaction, along with the approval code from Expedia; but Expedia insisted that they did not make the transaction and have no proof about it. The service operator tends to talk halfway, claims she cannot hear you and then hang up the phone. If it happened once, I'd account it to bad reception; but it happened frequently using with different phones used on my end. HORRIBLE COMPANY. I've got a good mind to sue them

attackgt1 says: (4 years ago)
I just had a terrible costlt experience with Expedia. When booking a fight out of Houston to Minneapolis, I entered Hobby out of Houston. I am not from Houston, so when the age came back with info for flights, it said IAH Houston. I didn't know that it was Bush IAH. When I saw IAH, I thought it was Internationall Airport Hobby. The person I booked for went to Hobby. No time to make it to Bush for the flight. $343 extra to change ticket. If Expedias page for booking would have said IAH Bush, and not IAHthis mistake would not have happened. Also, I typed in Hobby, for the booking, why did it even show informatin for IAH in the first place? Persons not familiar with initials for airports, are not going to know this. Just write the full name of the airport. Will not waiste my time with Expedia, if when booking, the program they use does not eliminate other airports when you specifically type in the name of one airport. Typical Microsoft started company.

jaga says: (4 years ago)
expedia is totally scam... i never believe expedia in my life

worlds worst company.. very very very worst expedia..

rmoses says: (5 years ago)
How would I describe my experience with EXPEDIA.com?
This is outsourcing? You will be lied to, hung up on, put on hold for 30 minutes and RIPPED OFF!

expiahater13 says: (5 years ago)
I booked a hotel in Chicago at Club Quarters at Wacker and Michigan through expedia for 2 nights arriving April 12th, 2013. The room shown on line was for 2 double beds. When we arrived at the hotel they told us they did not have any rooms available with double beds but the were going to give us a room with a queen size bed. I was upset because I paid in advance for two double beds. When we got to the room, we found it was actually one double bed. We complained through the hotel with no success, they told us they may have two twin beds available the next night. Also, not what we paid for. We call Expedia on Saturday morning to complain. They transferred us to a Manager and he hung up on us right before he was going to offer us a different hotel. We called back they put us on hold, we waited 35 minutes and decided to hang up. We figured they would never put us through. They had the reservation number and our phone number, they never called back. That is the last time I will ever book any trip through Expedia. They do not promise what they sell, isn't that fraudulent?

grantsss says: (5 years ago)
[This user has joined the boycott] Expedia took for money and won't give it back

I paid for and booked a hotel for a week through expedia.ca. The next day I was e-mailed from hotels.com saying that even though I paid for the week that the hotel was over booked they couldn't honor my reservation for the entire week. So, I went and stayed at my expedia reservation for 2 days. When I got back I phoned expedia looking for a refund. They said I couldn't get a refund because I didn't call them. Even though it is not my fault, the blood suckers at expedia are keeping my money.

TSarah says: (5 years ago)
What a joke!!! Booked a hotel through Expedia at about 53 per night for 3 nights in Georgia. The next day, our travel plans changed (Note that this is 10 days prior to actual reservation time) and I called the customer service line to cancel the final day in our reservation which happened to be a friday.

First, the customer service rep told me that a reservation for approx. 170 was going to go down to $140, a savings of only $30.00! She explained to me that this was due to Friday (the last day of our reservation which we were cancelling) was the least expensive day in our reservation. I think we can all agree that this is outright a lie. No matter the hotel, weekends are ALWAYS more expensive. When she gave me an updated total of $140, I asked her how a $53 per night reservation turned into a $70 per night reservation, she was all flustered and said she made some mistake in her calculations ???

Needless to say, if I didn't do the math myself, Expedia would have ripped me off for $40.00.

After she changed the total to the accurate amount of approx $115 (w/ taxes), she let me know that I would incur a charge for any additional changes. I still had 10 more days until my reservation, and the language in the quote stated free cancellation / changes until the 20th of November. I knew for a fact that by just calling the hotel and making the reservation, I would not have paid a single cent for the reservation, would not have had any issues calling to make changes, and wouldn't be dealing with a corporation obviously out to get my money through underhanded means. I cancelled the reservation completely, and called the hotel directly and did exactly that. Know I will have to wait and see how long it takes Expedia to refund my money. My guess is that it will be over 30 days. I will never use Expedia again.

Sherry492 says: (5 years ago)
I have used Expedia many times and always get great prices. If you need anything else from them, forget it. I booked through them and was promised a $50 Mastercard Gas card with my booking, which I never received. I reached out to them again and again to inquire about it and got the run around ("someone will get back to you", which they didn't, "you have to call the customer service number", which I did multiple times, etc.).

liles says: (6 years ago)
Dito on the no English for customer service the website messed up the date because it was so slow and they had to up the price to change my date for a stinky room Expedia you stink and i will tell everyone!!!!!!

sunk818 says: (6 years ago)
Expedia.com is terrible with customer service. They will side with the hotel. I was guaranteed a non-smoking room. I was given a smoking room. I complained to the hotel and they did nothing to resolve the issue nor appease the customer. I complained to Expedia and they sided with the hotel:

On 1/3/2012 8:48 PM, travel@customercare.expedia.com wrote:
Dear Expedia Customer,

Thank you for contacting us about your refund request.

We checked our records and found a documentation with case ID: E-1610577 dated September 19, 2011. We checked on your original booking and noticed your reservation is not non-smoking room guaranteed. One of our supervisors contacted the hotel and was advised that they have no record of being notified of an early check-out or that the customer only stayed for 30 minutes. The hotel also mentioned that no refund would be provided.

We understand your frustration but we always have to get authorization from a manager for refunds because we are under strict negotiated contracts with the hotel. It is the hotel’s discretion to issue a refund for your unused night or nights.

We must explain that we operate under certain policies and we have no authority to circumvent or to override those policies.

To further assist you with this matter, give our customer service desk a call at the number provided below as our agents are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

If this does not answer your question or solve your problem, feel free to reply to this message or call us at 1-800-EXPEDIA (1-800-397-3342) or 1-404-728-8787 (for callers outside the U.S. and Canada) and reference case ID: M-1310035.

Thank you for choosing Expedia.

Expedia Customer Service Team

dani12 says: (6 years ago)
DO NOT USE EXPEDIA! We booked a vacation to Breezes in the Bahamas for October 2011. We learned that the resort was damaged in Hurricane Irene. We learned this on our own and never received notice from Expedia. For FIVE days, myself and my two friends, with whom I was traveling, tried getting through to Expedia. We were left on hold for over an hour each time. Each time we asked to speak with a manager we were disconnected. We spoke to several represenatives and given different information each time. We spoke with managers, Victor and Portia, both of whom failed to do what they said they would do. Finally, I called the airline (Delta) myself and was able to have the $150 change fee removed. I contacted Breezes after being told several times that Expedia sent an email to change our travel date only to learn that Expedia NEVER sent the email. We were given reference numbers by Expedia that did not exist. As of this minute our issue still has not been resolved. We cannot reschedule or cancel unless it is done by Expedia. I am literally on hold with Expedia as I type and I have been holding for 1 hour and 47 minutes. I CANNOT STRESS ENOUGH THAT EXPEDIA SHOULD NEVER BE USED!

hbooth603 says: (6 years ago)
On August 5th I went on expedia.com to book a hotel and flight from boston to cancun from Jan.12th-19th. I found a great package price for $2,035 which was cheaper then other websites. Expedia.com offers a deposit progrm, in my case I would have to put down $905.00 and then just before the date of destination put the rest down. This was all perfect until...

Expedia.com put an authorization for $1396.35, Airtranair put 2 authorizations for $319.48, which on my bank statement said "amount may change", I waited a couple of days and nothing changed so I wanted to double check that they were only going to charge the deposit of $905.00, the representative with expedia said no they are going to charge the full amount. To make a long story short I threatened to contact the attorney general, BBB, my lawyer, my bank and the authorities... they said the only thing they could do was cancel the whole package and then purchase another one if it was available. I explained I want nothing to do with expedia to just cancel everything. At this point I had already been on hold for almost 2 hours and talking to the representative for 45 min! He said he would give me a call when it was canceled and notification by email. I never recieved either so I called back that night and asked to speak with a supervisor and I was put on hold for another hour, when I finally reached someone it was not a supervisor! I spoke to rocky who said it was canceled and gave me a reference number.

I then called my bank who said it probably will not go through, well the next morning it did!! now my account is negative almost $1,000. The bank is going to give me a temporary refund for everything while they investigate. I have of course contacted the BBB and will others. I am the type of person who really pays attention to detail especially with booking these types of things..I read the small print before anything else to make sure there are no tricks or what not. I am also writing to the owner of this company to explain the situation and that maybe he should impove the customer service.


LAbird says: (7 years ago)
Stay away at all costs. Buyer beware. Expedia is a horable travel site.They lied about the hotel and when you call to resolve a problem you get a rep who is located in India who does not speek english.

lanak says: (7 years ago)
I use Expedia and never had a problem. One time I couldn't find my itinerary on Delta but that was because my middle initial was part of my first name, so instead of Lana E it was LanaE. I need to add that I only travel during the off season so that may be the reason I never had a problem with overbooking. I wouldn't pay attention to the star ratings, descriptions, or photos that Expedia has, double check with Trip Advisor. I love bookit.com for Vegas trips they have the best rates but again I go during the off season.

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