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expedia.com Reviews

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  • Expedia gave me many problems

    Upon hotel arrival my reservations (for two rooms) were no where to be found. Expedia had never transferred them to the hotel's system. Took me 45 min on the phone to get correct papers faxed. Expedia then charged my credit card for the rooms as well as the hotel charging me for the exact same rooms. Took 3 hours on the phone with Expedia to get charges taken care of (in which they had to contact hotel to resolve problem with double charge). One month later new charges were found from the hotel for one room because Expedia had given them payment for only one room when I had reserved... More...
    pbfarvardin's Picture   pbfarvardin    0 Comments   Comments
  • Last try for Expedia, Wil never use again

    The hotel I stayed in was perfect, that wasn't the issue. The problem I had was that I called to make the reservation at the hotel I wanted, (I called so there would be no issue) spoke to the representative for the hotel from Expedia I told him exactly what room I wanted at least 5 times and he assured me I would get that room and booked it, when we arrived at the hotel they checked us into a different room when we told them this was not what we reserved they said it was Expedia's issue and to call them, in doing so Expedia told us that the only thing we could do was book the... More...
    tankgurl52's Picture   tankgurl52    0 Comments   Comments
  • Expedia unwilling to help

    We booked a all-inclusive trip to Barcelo Puerto Vallarta and within 5 hours of checking in received an email from Expedia with an attachment from Barcelo stating that they would have a group that would take 80% of the resort and may or not be nude or topless. If we wanted to change out stay dates that would be allowed without penalty. That's great, but we were already there. The email from the hotel was dated a week before our arrival, but we didn't receive it until we were there. It got worse from there. The group was a Swingers group and proceeded to have sex on the balconies... More...
    Isis27's Picture   Isis27    0 Comments   Comments
  • Expedia lost another customer today! Aka me!

    I was going to book another flight and hotel, but the way they treated me, never again! I was transferred to 4 different agents for canceling my vacation package due to family medical emergency. Despite the fact that I had taken insurance, they gave me a hard time about every step. Finally told me it will be refunded within 8 weeks; 4 different amounts!!! Customer service is terrible, & the management is worse. I'm never using expedia. Unprofessional, liars and horrible customer service. More...
    Laylaa's Picture   Laylaa    1 Comments   Comments

    RUDE AND ARGUMENTATIVE, WAS "DISCONNECTED", FALSE ADVERTISING, LIED, I booked through Expedia an all inclusive stay. When I checked in the hotel tells me, via broken English none the less, that expedia only booked a room NOT including all inclusive benefits. So I am standing at the reception desk on the phone with a rude and non-resolution oriented Expedia staff member who hung up on me after 35 min of debating their false advertising and mesrepresentation of this resort telling me to pay them an extra $672 on top of what I allreay paid. When I asked to speak to a manager the... More...
    mrmann's Picture   mrmann    0 Comments   Comments
  • the worst customer service in history

    OK so i made a booking back in September which i had to cancel due to family tragedy . i was given a refund for my hotel and was told i had credit to use with Virgin Aus for my next flight. I was not told that i had to go to the same place. So yesterday I called up Expedia and told them I wanted to make a booking to Bangkok for three people.'oh no', you cannot book a different place you must go to the same place'. i disputed that because I knew darn well as long as i leave from Australia I can go anywhere. Then i was placed on hold for 40 mins. Then I got disconnected. After... More...
    littlelv's Picture   littlelv    0 Comments   Comments
  • Expedia is awful!!!!!!!!!!!

    First of all, I had a difficult time understanding the agent who was in the Philippines. I made my hotel reservations, used my credit card, then he started to review my itinerary. Everything was right, but he did not get me the refundable reservation. He made the correct reservation and then turned me over to the "customer service department" to cancel the non-refund reservation (in which the agent made the mistake and said that they would change it, since it was just booked). Riiiiight!!!!!!! They would NOT change it - EVEN WITH IT BEING THE AGENT'S FAULT. First of... More...
    Tgoodman618's Picture   Tgoodman618    0 Comments   Comments

    Expedia has the worst customer service I've ever received. I tried to call a week ago when they overcharged me $65.20 and the supervisor I spoke with argued with me for 40 mins straight refusing to listen to me telling me I was wrong. I eventually hung up on her because I was so frustrated and tired of repeating myself. So then they charge me an additional $203 that I absolutely do not owe them - now they owe me $268.20 and overdrafted my account by $100. It took me 3 hours to get an answer. One of the representatives hung up on me because I asked her to please not interrupt me as she... More...
    tinkgirl's Picture   tinkgirl    0 Comments   Comments
  • Mess up bookings and poor service

    Expedia got and used my credit card information from Hotels.com (they are the same company) and make a double booking. I asked Expedia to refund. They refunded from Hotels.com and told me many times that the Expedia booking is still valid. And finally, when we arrived to the hotel, the hotel staff showed me the e-mail sent from Expedia informing that they have refunded and asked the hotel to charge me. However I never found any inform from Expedia for refund. I then e-mail to confirm and they replied a short sentence after 9 days with no apology! Messed up booking and no one would give you... More...
    sooo7's Picture   sooo7    0 Comments   Comments
  • Expedia.com promised a refund that never arrived

    I have had a terrible experience with Expedia. After mistakenly booking a flight I contacted Expedia on a number of occasions, on which I was told repeatedly that as the flight hadn't been booked and the airline hadn't taken any money, I would receive a full refund. 6 weeks on, despite being told on a number of occasions that I would receive a refund within 24 hours, I am yet to receive this. Every robotic call centre advisor I speak to is as useless as the last, clearly reading from a script just to get me off the phone, and fobbing me off with incorrect email addresses to which... More...
    MariaGeorgiou's Picture   MariaGeorgiou    0 Comments   Comments
  • Expedia left me stranded and on hold for over 5 hours with no one answering the phone

    We paid for a round trip ticket and took the first half. When we arrive in Istanbul airport to return home there was a reservation but expedia had not paid it. We were not allowed to board the plane. We called expedia and were put on hold or had dropped calls over 12 times over 5 hours. We were ignored and forced to spend money for a hotel room, taxi, meals and now we are told we have to pay the increased fare to fly out a day late. Plus, we will miss a day of work so the cost is in the thousands! No one should ever use Expedia. I plan on suing for civil theft and am open to others... More...
    marcjkaplan's Picture   marcjkaplan    0 Comments   Comments
  • Misinformation with booking. No call backs from supervisors nor manager!

    We booked for two beds. Never got it. Spoke with supervisor, Shirlene and said they will review my taped call requesting two beds. I said fantastic. No call. I called back two weeks laer and spoke with manager, Tracy. They will call in a day for two after they looked into it more. Three weeks later, I called back. One hold for 45 minutes, then got through to a supervisor and was disconnected! We spent $1.400 and had one bed for four people! Two slept on the floor. Never again. And I will be spreading the word. r More...
    Ksmca1's Picture   Ksmca1    0 Comments   Comments
  • Extreme change in flight status without notification

    On the 22nd of September, I went to Toronto (YYZ) Airport on time on schedule to take my flight Toronto-Paris-Cairo reserved on Delta and operated by Air France. On my arrival to the counter I was surprised that the flight has been canceled due to Air France strike. I ran to Air France/KLM counter to find a solution and was again surprised that I don%u2019t have except 1 option via one route Toronto %u2013 Amsterdam %u2013 Cairo with a lay off in Amsterdam over 16 hours and if I refuse I will have to go home and wait for another flight in Thursday or Friday %u2013 My main complain that No... More...
    tgendy1972's Picture   tgendy1972    0 Comments   Comments
  • Hidden Fees on car rentals.

    On a recent trip Expedia could not provide itemized charges on a combined airplane/car rental. It took 4 calls to their support line AND a call to the rental car company to show that Expedia added almost $100 to a $250 rental fee. After over 90 minutes of phone/IVRU time they refunded me the over charged fees. I'm done with Expedia. They're a ripoff More...
    jugknot's Picture   jugknot    0 Comments   Comments
  • Expedia withholding money and not giving it back

    Expedia is the worst, I have shopped with them for years and never had a problem; however, once I do have a problem they do absolutely nothing to try and solve it. I bought a flight hotel for my honeymoon and it turns out that they charged me twice for the airline tickets (charged for the tickets and the same ammount also withheld from my account) I called to tell them this and they said that there%u2019s nothing they can do to help me, I%u2019m going to have to go to my bank to talk to them. The way I see it, is that I used their website so they are responsible for solving the problem... More...
    titocardenal's Picture   titocardenal    0 Comments   Comments

    Very disappointed in the service I have received today!!!! We booked a vacation package with 5 people on your site from November 12-17. We paid our amount due and received our confirmation. Upon receiving we notice that the hotel is from 13-17. Basically we pay for 4 days and 5 nights but we only receive 3 days 4 nights!!!!! Now we have to book another hotel room for the first night we are on our vacation that we spend a lot of money for. I am ranting due to the fact I am not getting what I paid for!!!! Your site DID NOT display any notice of the room not being available for that day until... More...
    rgiles43's Picture   rgiles43    0 Comments   Comments

    Upon arrival at the hotel, the entrance to the hotel parking lot was unattended. We had to get out of their vehicle and ask the hotel clerk what to do. We were told to back up onto the street and then enter through the narrow EXIT. %uF0FC There was hair on the carpeting and floors of the room, really disgusting! %uF0FC The beds were so uncomfortable that they had trouble sleeping. I felt something crawling on my arm, it was a large, black spider which we knocked off and killed. %uF0FC The room A/C never worked really well and it was HOT and HUMID. (After a day of sightseeing and... More...
    isaFanBen's Picture   isaFanBen    0 Comments   Comments
  • Expedia: itinerary change process

    According to Expedia's instructions when checking on an existing itinerary, in order to make a change to a hotel reservation it is necessary to first cancel the reservation then re-book it with the updated itinerary. So, if you want to change an existing reservation for a two night stay to just one night you must first cancel the reservation then try to re-book it. Unfortunately, if the hotel is booked up then it is not possible to get a room at that same hotel once you have cancelled the reservation. If you call their help desk they will tell you that they will take care of you then... More...
    greendog's Picture   greendog    0 Comments   Comments
  • Expedia.com

    I booked a flight for my college daughter from DC to Bejing and returning Bejing to Orlando in June. I won't even describe the problems I had with her using the first leg of her trip (suffice to say it involved tears, begging and apron 10 hours on the phone with Expedia). After reaching the Corporate office "Tier 4 Supervisor" I was assured that the situation was remedied and given a new itinerary # and booking information. At the Bejing airport my daughter presented the Expedia reservation information and was told by Air China that Expedia had cancelled the booking!! She... More...
    joancoye's Picture   joancoye    0 Comments   Comments
  • Expedia and Hertz - car rental booking issue

    We had a really terrible experience...yesterday we arrived in Vancouver for our vacation and went to pick up our car which was rented as a package on Expedia along with our hotel. The rental company Hertz, refused to give us a car (they were sold out) first because their booking showed pickup at 10:30am and not 9:30pm (which we had called into Expedia the day before and made sure they had changed) - furthermore, Hertz then refused us because the booking was under my name and not my husband's who is the driver and since I do not have a driver's license, they have a policy to not... More...
    DEisenhardt's Picture   DEisenhardt    0 Comments   Comments
  • Expedia Ripoff

    I can only assume that expedia is in financial straits, so you may want to think twice before you give them your credit card. They clearly advertise "Free Cancellation within 24 hours" when you book your flight on their website...what they do not tell you is if you cancel with the 24 hours, they will still charge your card for the trip and when you call weeks later because it has not been refunded, they will tell you it will be 8 weeks before a refund can be issued...so they are essentially "using" your money for over 2 months. Does that sound like a financially viable... More...
    Chris6789's Picture   Chris6789    1 Comments   Comments
  • Horrible Call Center Experience

    I am writing this in the hope that some one with some degree of power and an attitude towards improvement will read it. I just had one of my worst customer experiences with Expedia. I have been using Expedia for over 3 years now and about a year ago decided to create my own ID. I have interacted with Expedia retarded call center staff previously and am now used to waiting > 1 hr to get my work done. But today, i was made to wait close to 1 hr 20 minutes for transfer to a supervisor and was quoted ticket prices $100 higher than the ones on the website (that is illegal, BTW). I was doing... More...
    chait31287's Picture   chait31287    0 Comments   Comments

    I made the wrong decision to use expedia to book my cruise. Based on the amount you spent on your cabin, you receive credits that can be used as money onboard. Expedia specifically writes that you must redeem 21 days before your cruise. I redeemed it 21 days beforehand and it said that it will verify it and send me a confirmation. I RECEIVED NOTHING FROM THEM%u2013 not a single confirmation or rejection. My other friends did the same thing, no confirmation, but they received onboard credit. I CALLED EXPEDIA AT SEA while I was on the cruise and they were USELESS AND UNHELPFUL. I asked to... More...
  • Expedia Flights

    When booking flights with Expedia - MAKE SURE you find out about the luggage entitlement. Make sure you say this and get them to repeat what amount you will be taking. Getting an outcome from Expedia is difficult. The airline used was Thomas Cooke and there customer service was no better around luggage entitlement. Two different stories by two different representatives at Thomas Cooke. Lots of emails and phone calls or web information - all the customer need to know are:- Customer refer no. 1 Flight details: to and from and times. Luggage details Telephone number of who they need to... More...

    Let me first say, that this was my very first time using Expedia. I always book my hotels through Priceline and have never had a problem. I decided to use Expedia because I received a $25 off coupon in my email. I found a hotel with a suite which included a fireplace, which I was thrilled about. Although it was 40 minutes away from where I was looking to stay, I booked the room because I wanted the fireplace. When I went to check in, I was told by the hotel that they did not have any rooms available with a fireplace and she was surprised that Expedia sold one to me. Expedia wouldn't... More...
    RandiToma's Picture   RandiToma    0 Comments   Comments

    My girlfriends and I go on a trip every year. Last year we had to cancel due to a work schedule.We were able to receive a credit from Expedia for our flights minus $100.00. This year when we went to book our flights through Expedia, we had to call because of the credit. So we call Expedia---2 1/2 hours later, one customer service rep, one supervisor, and one manager later, we still cannot get our flights booked. We also wanted to book 2 more seats for additional friends, but they couldn't do that. Finally, we had a client in the office and we had to hang up. Expedia promised to... More...
    NWCORNER's Picture   NWCORNER    0 Comments   Comments
  • Expedia has no service or customer service

    I used to use Expedia almost exclusively years ago. It was great. So you can understand my surprise when I started booking travel again and noticed how much things had changed. First I noticed that things on the website stopped working. Especially the itinerary section. Next I noticed on trips that they never had my seating preferences right on any of my flights. Then I noticed that on more than one occasion they lost my hotel reservation and when I arrived (late I might add) I had NO room and had to go looking for another hotel in the middle of the night. Just now I tried making... More...
    wbpo5l's Picture   wbpo5l    0 Comments   Comments

  • Travel Lodge Hotel CIncinnati Ohio. (Very Very Nasty Hotel) Never Again

    I booked this hotel back in March for the Macy Music Festival and the pictures on line seemed to be ok since the majority of hotels were booked by the time I booked mine. When we pulled up to the hotel, it was very nasty looking outside, caution tape was around the side door. We checked in our room and immediately started spraying and wanted to walk out but I was told that since I booked through expedia they could not refund our money. I had to ask for clean sheets, towels and the bed spread had white stains all on it. (yuck). There was crumbled cookies on the floor and it was just a... More...
    tkline's Picture   tkline    0 Comments   Comments
  • Unbelivable

    I feel that this company is playing games with prices. I called in once to order a package going to Canada and customer service told me that my package would be around $500 and then we got disconnected. When I called back the other customer service told me that the same package would cost me $1,000. When I told him that I talk to previous one where she gave me one price and now I am being charged double price with you, how is it? he told me that %u201Cthe previous one was JOKING with you that is why she hung up the phone but I am telling you real price.%u201D I let it slip away. I wanted to... More...
    iamperfect123's Picture   iamperfect123    0 Comments   Comments
  • Expedia flight cancellation

    I've booked a flight from Hong Kong to Rhodes,Greece for mid-August. Due to some changes in my conference schedule, I had to cancel the flight. Now, after several days the money has not been refunded yet. I keep on calling and emailing but they are not helpful. They keep saying that the problem is with the credit card issuer bank. I live in Hong Kong and all banking processes are well organized here. Expedia just don't take the responsibility and tries to blame the credit card issuer bank. It is a scam to not refund money. Expedia Itinerary No.: 180229684051 More...
    Shamier's Picture   Shamier    0 Comments   Comments
  • Frustrating.

    It was my first time making 3 separate bookings with Expedia. I have to say that this company is such a scam and I am so shocked and unhappy by there service. It all started when I downloaded the mobile app on my phone so I can make my reservation and enter a 25$ coupon if I spend 100$. To my surprise this booking worked. So I downloaded the app on another mobile device so I can make my second booking. Upon making the reservation I entered the coupon which it was accepted and applied. I am shocked to see that I was charged more than I was supposed to. I was furious! I called the company... More...
  • Non-Existant Customer Service

    I am at my wit's end trying to resolve a dispute with expedia; they have continually ignored my emails and phone calls. The initial problem involved seat resevations for our flights from Edinburgh to Las Vegas; we had originally chosen our seats on each of the flights, both outward and return. However, a couple of minor flight time changeswere then intimated to us. This was all fine and well, except that we were not made aware of the changes, and the fact that our original seat resevations were no longer applicable. The only way we could then get two seats together was to... More...
    caldal's Picture   caldal    0 Comments   Comments
  • Airport inn in Hailey Idaho and Expedia Malfunction

    I booked reservations through Expedia to stay in ID. my plans changed and I had to cancel the room 2.5 f=days in advance of my booked stay. After calling the Airport Inn in Hailey i was told to cancel with Expedia. After three seperate calls to expedia I was assured the reservation was cancelled and there would be NO CHARGE. Well, turns out the hotel claims they never got the cancelation and charged me full price for the room! I tried to resolve this with the hotel however they pointed the finger at Expedia. Expedia never cancelled the room (According to the hotel) even though they told me... More...
    noexpedia's Picture   noexpedia    0 Comments   Comments

    On Saturday I had a confirmed reservation through Expedia for the Mark III motel in Seaside Heights, NJ. Upon my arrival the hotel staff informed me that he "hoped i hadn't booked through Expedia" because he no longer does business with Expedia and has no idea who Expedia is sending to him or booking through his hotel. There were 3 other families at the hotel with the same problem. One had been on the phone with Expedia for 3 hours. The owner explained that I could still reserve a room but that all in all, it would cost me $140 ($125 w tax), in comparison to the $105 ($85... More...
    mauraper's Picture   mauraper    0 Comments   Comments
  • Expedia's website messed up my reservation and refused to refund it

    I am extremely frustrated with Expedia website and support services. On Sunday July 6, 2014 I attempted to make a reservation for that evening (July 6th) at a hotel. However after putting in my information and pressing confirm, I immediately received a notification that that I was confirmed for a reservation on August 25, 2014. Confused by this, I immediately called the hotel who then redirected me to the expedia support services to help. When I spoke to the customer service agent, I was assured a full refund would be reimbursed to me the following day when the supervisor was in and able to... More...
    llohman's Picture   llohman    0 Comments   Comments

    FRITZ3490's Picture   FRITZ3490    0 Comments   Comments
  • Terrible Customer Service

    During my stay at the Interconntinental Hotel in Miami, I experienced drilling and construction noises throughout my stay. To my disappointment, I found out that the entire hotel was undergoing construction and all the rooms had this loud, obnoxious drilling noises. I called Expedia and asked for a refund, and they flatly refused, instead offering me a $25.00 gift certificate for my next stay with Expedia. That hotel cost me $225.00 per night!!!! I spent over 4 hours of my time on the phone with Expedia trying to get a refund, and after all that time, they only offered to comp me $50.... More...
    worldtraveler's Picture   worldtraveler    1 Comments   Comments
  • Don't use Expedia to book your trip

    Worst company ever. I reserved a tour in Paris through Expedia. When I got to Paris I found out that Expedia never confirmed the tour with the agency in Paris. The tour was full and they only offered half of the tour. Two months later and after calling Expedia multiple times they offered to reimburse only $100.00. I paid for the tour $1068.00. They stole my money. A supervisor even said that he couldn%u2019t speak with the agency in Paris because the day he called no one speak English in the agency and I guess that nobody in Expedia speaks French. I have been in Paris three times and... More...
    Mike510's Picture   Mike510    0 Comments   Comments
  • Expedia.com poor customer service

    I made a reservation last night last minute on the road booking Holiday Inn Express as I was looking at rates and such somehow the date changed and I don't care how it did so I called the hotel and expedia.com and I was told by Expedia.com that the hotel couldn't even change it to last night or accommodate me at all, the manager would be in at 7am, this is at 11 pm. I didn't care to pay fees or whatever just wanted to use the booking so I didn't have to mess with calling and the aggregation later. More...
    Renfro3's Picture   Renfro3    0 Comments   Comments
  • Charged much more than the agreement

    I booked a car through Expedia.com. at Toronto Pearson Airport with Payless on May 30, 2014 at 7:00 p.m. and returned at the same location on June 2, 2014, at 6:00 pm. According to my booking confirmation I was supposed to pay $ 51.09 (in Canadian Dollars) to the rental company (Payless at Pearson Airport, Toronto, ON.) In the confirmation statement it is clearly stated: Mileage rules: Unlimited mileage. However, Payless charged me $ 136, an extra $ 85 dollars claiming that I was supposed to pay for extra miles exceeding a limit of 250 km a day. When I showed them the booking confirmation... More...
    Benk's Picture   Benk    0 Comments   Comments
  • Horrible Honeymoon Experience!

    My husband and I rented a hotel room through Expedia for one night on our honeymoon. It was hands down the worst experience ever. The advertisements for this particular hotel shown on Expedia.com were nothing like what we truly purchased. We paid $175 for a hotel in downtown San Francisco for a room that only fit the bed! There was no shower or toilet in our room; those were public access. Not to mention, it was Pride Festival, so it was completely overpopulated. You would think Expedia.com would include such important information on the ad. There were seven gunshots fired almost... More...
    autumnpennell's Picture   autumnpennell    0 Comments   Comments
  • Expedia stolen momey

    First and only time ever going through Expedia to reserve Motel room and will never do it again, crooked co! The wrong date was accidentally entered. As soon as the error was noticed moments later, called Expedia to correct the issue and they refused to correct date and was told to call the Motel. Called the Motel and they said they couldn't do anything to correct the error because we had went through a 3rd party, Expedia and was told to call Expedia. Called Expedia again and they still refused to correct the error and had already taken the money for the room, which was reserved and... More...
    critterlover6's Picture   critterlover6    0 Comments   Comments
  • Horrible customer service

    Itin# 12258858282 i booked my trip over the phone (www.expedia.co.in) and i told the person that i'll be going by my own car with family and kids. The person suggested a hotel and did the booking. He did not tell me that there's no parking space in the hotel and that i'll have to park my car around 1000 steps down from the hotel and i'll have to pay Rs 600 per day for parking and also arrange for a coolie to pickup/drop my luggage to the hotel. Total of around Rs 3000 over an above the charges i had paid - not to mention the hassle of traveling this distance with small... More...
    jaspreet104's Picture   jaspreet104    0 Comments   Comments
  • Crazily bad customer service. Could not get refund in the end.

    Used expedia.com.sg to book my flight from KUL to SIN. Did not press confirm my ticket, and was charged SGD125. Called to ask about it, after 3 hours of talking to more than 15 different people and being transferred between Expedia US, Expedia SG and Expedia MY, I finally reached a person who figured out my issue and promised a full refund within 72 hours, with cancellation. 72 hours later, I have not received a refund, and since the flight is the next day, I call Expedia. Again, transferred to and fro for 1.5 hours, even reaching Expedia IN once. Conclusion is I wait for 10 days to see if... More...
    ATAT's Picture   ATAT    0 Comments   Comments
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