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expedia.com Reviews

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  • Expedia telephone service lousy

    I am very dissatisfied with the phone service I received from Expedia. It was not a particular agent but connection to the agents and wait times involved to get problem resolved as well as visibility to the changes made on the phone on the website. 1. I called to cancel a flight to Philadelphia (Itenary#110770029873) the day after it was made. I was CUTOFF as we were cancelling this on the phone. I received no call back, no e-mail, nothing. I looked at the website and it said cancelled on the website (The expedia manager that I spoke to two weeks later disputed this fact). I saw 2 weeks... More...
    ganglesc's Picture   ganglesc    0 Comments   Comments
  • Lie About Refunding Money

    I booked 4 flights in May, 2015. I asked Expedia Rep, if I had to cancel flights - would I get a refund. I explained the reason why I needed to know this. She informed me as long as I purchased the insurance I would get a full refund, if I cancelled my flights. I had to cancel the flights this week due to husband not coming back overseas and son having military orders to relocate. Expedia Reps kept me on hold for long periods of time. First agent wouldn't help me. Gave me insurance number. The insurance only pays if your dead, jury duty or sick. I never lied about asking the... More...
    prock's Picture   prock    0 Comments   Comments
  • expedia hotel reservations

    Made a reservation through expedia a couple of days ago. My husband asked if I gave my AAA card so we could receive our discount. I had forgotten to give my card number so I called expedia customer service. They told me they could not help me and told me to call the hotel. Called the hotel and was told they could not help me because the reservation had been made through expedia. This is a horrible policy and I will be SURE to never reserve through expedia again. Not only is the policy wrong, the employees are not even trained to know their own unfair policies. More...
    cgconrad's Picture   cgconrad    0 Comments   Comments
  • Expedia is severly lacking.

    I would like to say that my experience with Expedia has been less than ideal. I have called multiple times and each time been given the run around. Three different people have given me three different reasons as to why they were unable to do as I had requested. Each time I have called there has been at lease a 30 minute wait time to talk to anyone and the people who I have been unlucky enough to speak with either treated me with hostility or as if I were a child they had to put up with. The represenatives I spoke with were unprofessional when asked to call an airline, they complained they... More...
    wintersmith's Picture   wintersmith    0 Comments   Comments
  • Expedia No Longer Cares About Customers

    I have used Expedia for approximately 11 years. Over the past year the Customer Service from Expedia went from OK to beyond aweful. I tried to cancel a hotel 3 days in a row online w Expedia (Because they dont want to talk to you) and everyday it said "We are Experiencing Site Issues". So I called Expedia, Wait times to speak with a rep were 1.5, hours, 2 hours, and once was over 3 hours. I elected the call back feature and was told I would recieve a call within 2 hours... 5 hours later they call. I explained that I couldnt cancel online, I called them well in advance of the... More...
    RSLauter's Picture   RSLauter    0 Comments   Comments
  • Mystery Hotel Misleading Advertisement

    Do not buy any mystery deal from Expedia. They promised us a 4 Star Hotel in the Lower East Side of New York and once we paid it was revealed it was actually a 3 star hotel (as provided by Google, Kayak, Hotels Combined and Trivago). In addition, the communication from Expedia customer service has been poor, insulting and difficult to get in contact with someone other than an Indian call centre. On top of this, they offered $50 a gesture of goodwill. How can we trust anything else on their site, when they simply ignore their customers??? More...
    Noonch's Picture   Noonch    0 Comments   Comments
  • ruined my birthday vacation

    I booked a trip to Hawaii June 19th it was supposed to be for my birthday which is on the 21st of June and fathers day.I have a reservation booked in Hawaii from Friday June 19th until Monday June 22nd Due to Expedia not informing me that my flight has been changed I missed my flight and missed a whole day in Hawaii. the hotel I was booked at the average rate was over $300 a night,I missed out on my first night in Hawaii no one extended my stay or try to compensate me for the loss of my first day. More...
    Demij's Picture   Demij    0 Comments   Comments
  • Homeless in hotel

    I booked the Bedford Hotel for a trip to Boston. The area hotels were said to be over75 percent booked, so there were not the usual choices. The photos of the common areas of the Bedford were not bad, so I booked the hotel for my granddaughter and sister who was escorting her to a university function. I was informed by my sister it was a hotel for homeless people. She also informed me that while the common areas looked fairly good, the rooms were horrible. I will most likely not get a refund but I am trying to find something else for the next four nights. Readers beware. Expedia you... More...
    Kklinke's Picture   Kklinke    0 Comments   Comments
  • Appalling customer service

    I have had to cancel the holiday I booked through Expedia as the flights I booked were no longer available. I paid almost £5000 as they did not offer the option to pay a deposit and pay off the balance even though I was booking 11 months in advance. I was told the refund was being processed but I have not received it. I have spent hours on the phone to customer service several times and each time I am told the refund has not been issued but will be now and each time it is not done!! This has been going on for 6 weeks and I still have not had my money back! I am furious, Do not deal... More...
    Bluebluetoe's Picture   Bluebluetoe    0 Comments   Comments
  • Changing price quotes by $1000 in just few minutes

    Hi. I called in to cancel my flight from RDU to Boston for June 16th. I was put on hold for few minutes. I was told by your representative, Shansi, that the price of the new ticket for a later date including the penalty fee would be about $ 380. When I gave her my debit card #, she put me on hold for 20 minutes and then she told me that the price was now $ 1,380. She connected me to LOGAN the supervisor, immediately. He said the same thing and continued with asking questions about my flight. I asked him about the increase in price during the time I was put on hold, and he told me that... More...
    ShadiL's Picture   ShadiL    0 Comments   Comments
  • Unhappy Experience

    This hotel needs major upgrades in rooms and service. We arrived at 2 for 3 PM check in. room of course not ready but for extra $40 they could get us in another room ??This is a cheap trick for tired travelers with kids and was our first clue. The room had not been cleaned we found hair ties, barrettes and other stuff on the floor. No extra towels, no blanket (just ran out of both) A/C sounded like a truck when it kicked on. Breakfast was typical -need new toasters($15 at Wal-Mart) convenient to beach and shops. We checked out next morning and will never stay here again. Advised friends not... More...
    sierra16's Picture   sierra16    0 Comments   Comments
  • Bed Bugs at Mauna Kea Beach Hotel

    BEWARE this hotel had bed bugs and the management refuses to acknowledge they have a bed bug infestation. All the management cares about is money and guarding its reputation. They do not care about the health and welfare of their guests who get bitten all over their bodies at night!! I reported this hotel to the health department in Hawaii. Do not expect any assistance, service or grace from this hotel. Just lots of parasitic bed bugs!! More...
    Bugbitten's Picture   Bugbitten    0 Comments   Comments
  • Embassy Suites downtown Portland, OR owned parking lot break ins

    Parking will cost you $30/$37 self or valet. But that will include your identity theft, car body damage & the loss of contents of your car while a guest at this property! What a deal as a guest of Portland, OR downtown Embassy Suites! "Had 6 break-ins last week" states hotel employee after my two sons reported (5/4/15) that one of their cars had the window broke and almost all the contents stolen. Desk manager states that a hotel security guard makes foot patrol circuit each hour - 24 hrs., but you should leave nothing in sight. An apology and a vacuum is all that is offered... More...
    MarcandNick's Picture   MarcandNick    0 Comments   Comments
  • Bad housekeeping service

    I stayed here May16-18.Checked in at four oclock and first day was not bad,except safe did not work,patio door was stuck.The second day ,we were gone most of day.When we got back,the room had not been touched.The beds were not made,trash was not taken out,towels all over floor.We left a tip,it was gone,snacks and drink mixes were gone .Ran out of shampoo and soap.Called front desk,all they did was sent up clean towels.Talked to representative and was offered a free breakfast.Have sent messages asking for an explanation,never heard a reply. More...
    zappericd's Picture   zappericd    0 Comments   Comments
  • Expedia horrible fees!!!

    I booked a flight to Australia, and unfortunately needed to Change my trip to extend 2 days longer. I had no problem paying the $250 fee since I know I agreed to expedias contract when purchasing my ticket. But then they said I had to pay the flight difference which combined with the initial fee was almost $800!!! I paid $1000 for the original ticket, that would of been like buying a whole other trip! Absolutely ridiculous. More...
    (Education, Schools)
    aazarian's Picture   aazarian    0 Comments   Comments

    My Girlfriend and I booked a hotel for Memorial Day weekend in St Pete/Treasure Island area about 6 days prior to our trip. We got charged $234 for our room only to show up to the hotel and be told there's no reservation! My USAA Bank mobile app clearly showed a charge of $234 but I noticed expedia never sent a confirmation number/ itinerary email. after on hold for 40 mins, I was told by expedia that my account wasn't available, my phone number didn't match anything in their system, no reservation was coming up, there was no charge on record, no records of any... More...
  • Ohh Expedia...

    Hi, I've booked a rent car in Israel through expedia and they are offered car's insurance for appr.9 $/day. What is nice deal!!!! Of course i bought it and guess what? That insurance does not work in Israel. I've called to Expedia, explain the situation and they asked me send invoice to them. I've sent the fax, called them again and was told i will get a refund in next 10 business days. Nothing happened for next 15 business days. I called them again and after they confirmed that they got the fax and everything looks right for a refund, i will need to wait another 10... More...
    trymefirst's Picture   trymefirst    0 Comments   Comments

    I booked a flight and hotel with Expedia. When I received my credit card statement, I had been charged twice. Expedia were aware of a double booking and cancelled the duplicate flight but didn't cancel the duplicate charge. After nearly 3 hours on the phone to Expedia, I could not get anyone to admit they had made a mistake or any offers to put things right. I think they may be trying to cover up a practice that may be more prevalent than could be explained by honest mistakes. Travellers beware. Look closely at your credit card statements when you book with Expedia More...
    dchaiart's Picture   dchaiart    0 Comments   Comments
  • Expedia is the Worst ever

    This is not my first bad experience with Expedia but this my second one. In the first situation they made something wrong in the ticket and I paid about $700 for another ticket. Today which is May 5th, 2015 they did it again and the American Airline charged me $365 to correct my flight date. When you call Expedia, you are not going to find any one to help you from the phone agent to the headquarter, all the same, they have only one answer: WE CAN NOT DO ANYTHING FOR YOU. YOU CAN TRY WITH THE AIRLINE COMPANY. Please Please Please do not book any flight from Expedia, they will get you in... More...
    redagalal's Picture   redagalal    0 Comments   Comments
  • Expedia Sucks Rocks!!

    They are happy to take you money, but it is impossible to get help after that. They Customer Repellant (Auto Attendant) basically says they are too busy so call another time...IF you can find a phone number of them and IF you can get through the Auto Attendant, and IF they don't simply disconnect the call!! I normally use them to find a hotel or flight and then I call directly to the airline or hotel. Unfortunately I tried letting them book for me. What a complete nightmare. I will NEVER do that again!! As one final insult, they require callers to "press 1 for English"!!... More...
  • Expedia agent was too personal and inappropriate!

    I called to book a hotel since I couldn't get it to book online. I got an agent named "Gordon" who dragged out the booking to ask me personal questions about my family, relationship, and age. He was very upset that I don't have kids and continuously argued and pestered me about having a baby. Once I finally was able to get off the phone, he used my email address that I provided for the booking to email me from his personal email address three times and said "let's be friends (my name)". I'm very upset and worried that he will use other personal... More...
    Piersonst's Picture   Piersonst    0 Comments   Comments
  • Nijwa and Hajjar Mountains full day tour

    My wife and I booked this tour through Expedia with Kurban Tours, Muscat, with full payment in advance. On the day of the tour nobody showed up at the 08:15 pickup time. I contacted Kurban Tours who had no record of the booking. They contracted out the excursion to a relief driver and vehicle, and we finally got on the road just after 10:00. The driver did his best and gave us a full day tour, but his English was not good and it was more like just having a driver rather than the advertised guided tour. We felt we missed out on the value of the day. More...
    ChrisArthey's Picture   ChrisArthey    0 Comments   Comments

  • They canceled my flight reservation without my authorization

    I've been using Expedia a lot and never had any issues with their customer service until today. I booked a flight ticket with having said as " 24hrs free cancelation". Once I got a confirmation, there isn't any note about this free cancelation. So I got worried about it and decided to call to verify. I explained to the first agent, Aunice about my concern that if "24hrs free cancelation" would be applied on my reservationand but yet I was NOT going to cancel. It took about 45minutes to get her responses that my reservation won't apply the free cancelation... More...
    Azuking9030's Picture   Azuking9030    0 Comments   Comments
  • Day's Inn dirty room and bed bugs

    I stayed in room 107 at Day's Inn in Marana, Az on the night of March 30, 2015. The drapes were ragged, the sheets and pillow cases were gray, and the arm chair was filthy, and the room was infested with Bed Bugs. In most cases Bed Bug bites do not show up until a day or so after being bitten. Mine became a huge problem starting about 24 hours later and remain so as of the 3rd of April. More...
    bernardo33's Picture   bernardo33    0 Comments   Comments
  • Swimming with the Dolphins Excursion

    My husband and I booked a swimming with the dolphins tour while we were on our honey moon in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic on March 18, 2015 with Wendy from Expedia (we were staying at the Majestic Colonial resort). Our receipt says that our Excursion Date was March 20, 2015 at 14:50. Wendy told us that our excursion time was at 14:50 which was on our receipt but our tickets say 1:55. We did not think to look at the tickets because she said that our tour was at 14:50 and so did our receipt. We missed the tour and she blamed it on us saying that it was our fault that we missed the... More...
    HeidiManuel's Picture   HeidiManuel    0 Comments   Comments

    This company will find any reason not to price Guarantee. I bought an airline ticket and an hour later found the exact flight etc etc from Cheapoair.com. First there was a problem on submitting the information on their form to file.I filed it within their guidelines, and then finally was told that it doesn't qualify because CheapOAir.com is a consolidator website, which acts as host agency for other travel agencies That is a bunch of crap. The conclusion is that they will find every excuse not to go with their promise price guarantee. More...
    Cacowboy4u's Picture   Cacowboy4u    0 Comments   Comments
  • Expedia's NEW HOTEL.

    Last week booked a hotel in Mexico City. Got a confirmation from Expedia. When I got to the hotel, the desk clerk told me that the price is $ 50 higher, because they take dollar at a much lower rate. Hotel Plaza Madrid is a horrible place to stay. Rooms are filthy, carpets with holes, service trays with leftover food left in the hallway for days. The advertizing for the hotel says "Free breakfast". Yes you get one only. The buffet has three trays. Beans, some kind of an egg mush, tortillas and watered down orange juice. Paul Suska My rating for this hotel is ZERO POINT FIVE.... More...
    Olap's Picture   Olap    0 Comments   Comments
  • Booking a hotel room - Expedia's "No surprises!" guarantee means nothing

    Booking a hotel room - They won't stand by their guarantee of "No surprises! Here's the total price (all additional charges included):" The price quoted was $389.52 which was charged to my credit card. Three days later I am notified by the hotel that there will be additional charges of $129. When I said I was not willing to pay an additional 30% over the agreed upon price I was told either pay a cancellation fee of $259.68 or pay the additional $129. Since I was a female travelling by myself I chose to cancel because I didn't feel safe going to such a shady... More...
    MrsMooney's Picture   MrsMooney    0 Comments   Comments
  • Novum Boulevart Hotel (Stuttgart - germany)

    %u201CA dwarf's room ?. Are you claustrophobic? Please do not book this hotel !%u201D I was fortunate to travel to many places, stay in different hotels (from 1 to 5 star), hostels, university dorms, tents, etc. I booked this hotel by Expedia. Several sites now include the size of the room. After waiting for the single clerk at the front desk, they got me my room 'key'. When I got into the room (3rd floor at the back), I was truly shocked about the minimalist size of the room: 2x4 meters (16 m2) being generous ! I should probably say a dwarf's room. I have NO... More...
    gsaposnik's Picture   gsaposnik    0 Comments   Comments
  • Stayed in Expedia recommended hotel AlAmeen CROM Madinah

    First of all when we reached at reception of hotel they were very annoyed that we booked through Expedia as they charge them huge commission. I was with my family and our car dropped us and it was impossible after a long travel to look for another hotel. They only agreed to take us in on payment of extra money to share commission of Expedia. I checked with few other hotels around that area and left with no choice as most of them were fully booked. So in end I paid them around 100 Euro to sleep in the most filthiest room in the world. Possibly most dirtiest hotel in the world and I know... More...
    smshadi's Picture   smshadi    0 Comments   Comments
  • Cruise booking went wrong but they charged full amount

    Hello I tried to make booking via expedia for NCL cruise tours eventually went wrong and gave error when i was trying to pay as i am not US or Canada residenatiol but Turkish . And i diddint recv any notice or email that my transaction was done succesfully therefore i DONE for the SAME DATES yes same dates bought another tour!!after sometimes i learned that expedia took that money fm my credit card that day that i have rcvd error msg without any email notice!!!wtf!!i called their customer service -1 hour and 47 minutes- no any success but rud behaviour to me by their resulation dept (like... More...
    Mares896's Picture   Mares896    0 Comments   Comments
  • Worst Customer Service in my life!

    I never thought booking a surprised birthday holiday for my girlfriend could be such a nightmare. Having booked a 5 day trip to New York I was expecting the whole trip to be straight forward. After 2 unbooked flights, 8 hours on the phone and being asked to book my own flights by two Expedia colleagues when I thought that was the service they offered I have finally booked my holiday today. I have been appulled by the service, the attitude of their staff and the overall service and the worst thing I haven't even received a sorry! Shocking! None of my hard earnt money will... More...
    Rose12345's Picture   Rose12345    0 Comments   Comments
  • Expedia Sucks!!!!!

    Booked stay for three day stay in New Orleans for 2 adults, 2 children for one room, 2 queen beds non-smoking. When we arrived at the hotel we were given 1 room with king bed and sleeper sofa. When I called Expedia during check-in they told me the hotel made an error. When I explained Expedia made the error, I was told there would be a charge to change the reservation. I explained once again that Expedia made the error not me or the hotel. I was transferred to another department but the gentleman quickly put me on hold and I went into automated phone hell with no assistance. Finally hung... More...
    AnnFerner's Picture   AnnFerner    0 Comments   Comments

    I have had THE WORST experience dealing with Expedia and will never use them to book another flight even if it means I pay more through the airline itself. Their customer service is rude, condescending and they don't have a clue what they are talking about. I have talked to about 15 different people at this point to deal with one SIMPLE question%u2026.how much credit do I have on file and how can I redeem this. Two different supervisors gave me two completely different answers and neither were helpful. I had one agent tell me to stop talking and to listen to him while he spoke. I am... More...
    Sabrina516's Picture   Sabrina516    0 Comments   Comments
  • Expedia horrible customer service

    I had a return ticket from Norway to Angola and I needed to change the return date. I had paid $500 extra for the ticket so that it was changeable for a fee. After calling Expedia for 4 days in a row being on the phone with them for 1 hour at the time to try to change the ticket theytold me "sorry" it can not be done even though it was written on the ticket that it was changeable. In the end I had to buy a new ticket costing me $ 2000. The "we are so sorry" from Expedia is really offensive since in the end it was I as a customer that took a huge loss and the cost for... More...
    Digicat's Picture   Digicat    0 Comments   Comments
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