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expedia.com Reviews

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    I just wanted to get a number for the CEO of this company or a corporate office. I booked a vacation with your company and I called LUCKILY, before we were to go, after I bought the plane tickets and when I called was informed that my room had been cancelled by an associate supposedly by mistake. they refused to fix it and there were no more rooms left. after being purposely ignored over and over and left on eternal hold, I finally reached someone who guaranteed me a hotel and a discount to match what I paid for the original room then I was promised a call back by a "manager" to... More...
    erinmason103's Picture   erinmason103    1 Comments   Comments
  • What Customer Service?

    Shopped around, and decided to go with Expedia to book a trip for 4 to Punta Cana. Since I had a question regarding airfare, I called customer service. They booked the trip for me. 4 days later, I saw a commercial for $100 off vacation package with a promo code. Spent an hour and a half trying to get someone to assist me. The first rep put me on hold and never came back, so I hung up after a half hour of holding. I called again, asked for a supervisor , waited another 25 minutes, and they disconnected me. Third time. I finally reached a supervisor, who claimed he couldn't apply the... More...
    doliver's Picture   doliver    1 Comments   Comments
  • Hotel reservation RIP-OFF

    I decided to try Expedia because of the statement that they guaranteed the best price. I did not examine the fine print but made a reservation on Feb 18, 2014. I did this because I felt my best price guarantee would refund any money to me if the price changed. Within 36 hours the price had changed from $108.00 per night to $84.00 per night. For my 2 night stay, I've lost $48.00 plus taxes for the same exact room. I called Expedia and was told that my best price guarantee was for 24 hours only and that I was past that point. I'm not sure what the point of early reservation is... More...
    JLEVANS315's Picture   JLEVANS315    0 Comments   Comments
  • travel insurance Expedia useless

    Purchased a package deal to Las Vegas, also purchased travel insurance for 2 people. Night before trip has an abscess with my tooth, has fever was in excruciating pain, tried to postpone trip for a few days as I had flexibility...called Expedia said I could not even though I had been to doctor, etc. Expedia staff including management was rude on phone and not at all helpful, I asked for refund of the travel insurance portion that was purchased and they refused even though it was useless.....have used expedia plenty of times in past, will NEVER book even a hotel room with them again even if... More...
    enigma00225's Picture   enigma00225    0 Comments   Comments
  • Never buy expedia's protection plan

    First of all they would keep on insisting and quoting high prices so that you never change your tickets. Also the refunds had to go through a claim process which takes months to get your money back. I had purchased a protection plan while purchasing my tickets and confirmed with the customer representative that I can change my tickets even after I have traveled one way. But guess what after I had traveled to Canada , I tried getting my return tickets changed and they said no the insurance does not apply here and also there would be no refund for previous ticket as I have used it one way.... More...
    Charmer's Picture   Charmer    0 Comments   Comments
  • WORST Experience with EXPEDIA

    WORST EXPERIENCE EVER!! This is the f**in last time I am using Expedia.. I purchased an itinerary with travel protection and had to cancel it later due to weather. I got a refund on my hotel but they told me that I will get airline credit which can be used to book a future flight [ 1 year from the date of original purchase] They told me the airlines will charge the rebooking fee of $200 per ticket, which will be refunded once the flight has been booked and confirmed. But Guess what, after a month and 24 hours on the phone with those a**hoLES I am yet to receive the refund. The refund... More...
  • Expedia Customer Service Is TERRIBLE!

    All I needed to do was change the name on my flight. I had booked my husband as Bill instead of William for our flight. I made an appointment online for someone from Expedia to call me. I was told someone would be calling me in 23 minutes. Over an hour later my phone finally rang. The gentlemen never gave me his name, and was extremely rude. When I told him I had booked and hotel and flight package he immediately cut me off to tell me that I was in the wrong call center and that he needed to transfer me to the packaged deals customer service. He made this come off as if it were my fault.... More...
    Eem4049's Picture   Eem4049    0 Comments   Comments
  • Expedia never gave me my travel credit

    This is the review I have posted at several high visibility sites, including consumer affairs. I wrote to your company and still have not received a reply. "I used the cancel flight option, paid for it, and was unable to make the trip. I cancelled and was credited $241.00 for my flight (the hotel was credited back to my charge card). Was told I had 6 months to book a new flight, which I tried 6 weeks later....first call, on hold 25 minutes before I got someone, then told I had wrong department. Second call, I opted for the return call, another 20 minute wait, but they did call back.... More...
    lforrest's Picture   lforrest    0 Comments   Comments
  • Expedia never gave me my travel credit

    I used the cancel flight option, paid for it, and was unable to make the trip. I cancelled and was credited $241.00 for my flight (the hotel was credited back to my charge card). Was told I had 6 months to book a new flight, which I tried 6 weeks later....first call, on hold 25 minutes before I got someone, then told I had wrong department. Second call, I opted for the return call, another 20 minute wait, but they did call back. They couldn't find my return flight, which I had pulled up on my screen and was ready to pay and book, just needed to know how to apply my credit. While I was... More...
    lforrest's Picture   lforrest    0 Comments   Comments
  • Unsatisfactory Customer Service

    I booked a Hotel which guarantees the "best rate" using Expedia. I searched the hotel and the date I was going to attend. Expedia showed a "best rate" of $309 for one night. I clicked the Book it button and filled in my name and credit card information. The total cost was in the $380's. I hit the itinerary button which revealed I was charged $329 per night instead of the "best rate" I booked of $309. I was never informed of the increased charged. I booked my room at $309. I don't understand why I am now charged $329 in a matter of seconds. I called... More...
  • Wrong date on disney tickets

    My friend and I are at Disney with my family. He bought tickets through Expedia. Due to a glitch in the system, the ticket dates are listed for Feb21 through Feb28. My friend and I paid$700 for tickets with the park hopper. We thought that expedia would work with us to fix the dates, but they have refused. Customer sorry has been rude and completely unaccommodating. I am missing my 3 year old twin nieces experience at Disney Thanks to Expedia being unwilling to change the dates on our tickets. Very disappointed customer! More...
    (Entertainment, Movies, Events)
    cdhatchel's Picture   cdhatchel    0 Comments   Comments
  • Expedia.com Horrible, Horrible Experience. NEVER AGAIN!

    Horrible, horrible experience with the customer service department. Booking on line is a breeze, no issue there. The horror began when I called the customer service to make a change on my reservation. All I wanted to do is to change the total number of adults in a 2 bedroom suite from 4 adults to 2 and add 1 more suite to my reservation. I did this in less than one hour after making the reservation. I was able to connect to an agent and was on the line with her for over 30 minutes. Her excuse was their system was very slow, only to be told that I will be charged 20% change fee. I... More...
    LuzTst's Picture   LuzTst    0 Comments   Comments
  • Expedia - Horrible, horrible experience

    Horrible, horrible experience with the customer service department. Booking on line is a breeze, no issue there. The horror began when I called the customer service to make a change on my reservation. All I wanted to do is to change the total number of adults in a 2 bedroom suite from 4 adults to 2 and add 1 more suite to my reservation. I did this in less than one hour after making the reservation. I was able to connect to an agent and was on the line with her for over 30 minutes. Her excuse was their system was very slow, only to be told that I will be charged 20% change fee. I... More...
    LuzTst's Picture   LuzTst    0 Comments   Comments
  • Expedia charged (debited) twice for airline fares

    Expedia are dodgy -- stay away. In 2011, I booked two airfares to the US via Expedia. Expedia charged me twice for these airfares. Now in 2014 they've done the same. This time I booked flights to the Philippines and they charged me twice again. The process to reclaim the extra money debited is a nightmare. Expedia have to fax the bank / financial institution to settle the dispute, then you will have to wait up to 24 to 48 hours until the bank can reimburse the money back into your account. I will never, ever book any airfares via Expeidia again and I hope people realise just... More...
    32revia's Picture   32revia    1 Comments   Comments
  • Expedia travel nightmare

    We are going on a trip to Cancun in April. Expedia has managed to ruin this trip before it has even begun, and increase the cost. First off, the travel agent, barely intelligible English, told me he could save money on our family of 4, all-inclusive vacation. He ended up booking 2 people at the hotel for half the trip, the other 2 of us for the other half of the week. His magic trick? to write in Special Request, 4 people 2 queen beds full 7 days. This mess took us an entire Sunday afternoon and 2 subsequent follow up calls to resolve, speaking to an agent and 2 managers, who also had to... More...
    ZZUUQ's Picture   ZZUUQ    0 Comments   Comments
  • Expedia Awful Customer Service

    Please STAY AWAY from Expedia as long as you might have to cancel your flight. I had purchased a airplane ticket through Expedia. But I had to cancel it, and before I did, I asked Expedia about their cancellation policy. Expedia told me that I will get credits for the cost of the ticket, and will be able to use it to book something else for a year. Months later, I tried use the credits but the airline rejected to accept the credits! Since then, I have been calling Expedia thousands times, explaining the same story every single time, and put on hold forever. When I finally reached the... More...
    pooboo's Picture   pooboo    1 Comments   Comments
  • Nothing but problems with EXPEDIA!! Worst decision i've ever made using them!!

    I booked a room for me and my boyfriend for this past Saturday. Not only did I ask the woman over the phone booking it 10x over and over again to make sure we got the jacuzzi room we paid for AND DID NOT GET WHEN WE ARRIVED... The customer service people were horrible. They acted as if they were helping but had no idea what was going on!! I got hung up on twice and called back and had to explain it all over again to a different person each time.. 45 mins later finally a supervisor came on the line and they were going to fix the problem since the hotels ate 3rd parties when booking a hotel... More...
    HutsonJ's Picture   HutsonJ    0 Comments   Comments
  • No help from expedia

    I had an horrible experience with Alitalia and Expedia. I bought a plane ticket to July from Los Angeles to Turin via Rome Fiumicino . On departure day I showed up at check in counter at 11:50 am , for the planned flight departing at 15:50. After a queue of about 40 min, I handed my passport to the Italian lady behind the counter who did not find my name on the passenger list . I then handed the confirmation of the reservation from Expedia . At that I realized that the last name was not the same. They informed me that it would not be possible for me to leave that day . Realizing I made... More...
    Daniela68's Picture   Daniela68    0 Comments   Comments
  • Expedia.com

    We purchased tickets via expedia.com and went to the US in September. We wanted a reputed flight and was happy to decide to go all the way to the US and back with a couple of transits using Air New Zealand. There were other cheaper airlines but because we are very happy with Air New Zealand, we were happy to pay the extra amount to fly AIr New Zealand. However it turned out to be that eight out of ten flights we used were not air New Zealand but an airline I had never used in my whole life, which is Tahiti Nui. Tahiti Nui airline flights were horrible horrible and useless, serving horrible... More...
    gong's Picture   gong    0 Comments   Comments
  • Booking a Hotel

    Called Expedia on 08/27/13 to book a hotel in Nashville, Tn and spoke with Vin. I was quoted a price of $80, told them I wanted the room and was placed on hold for 42 minutes. I was able to hear them talking the whole time. I was then hung up on. I then called back and spoke with Stan, who then quoted a price of $179.00. I explained to him what had happen and he said he couldn't do that price and I requested to speak to a supervisor, then I was hung up on again. I called back and spoke to a female. I informed her of the issue I was having and again requested to speak to a supervisor,... More...
    GRUMPYMARINE's Picture   GRUMPYMARINE    0 Comments   Comments
  • Expedia Travel 161212290136

    I'm quite disappointed with your customer service. Despite being a loyal customer to expedia over the years I've been very disappointed with a supervisor I spoke to on 8/25/2013 at 10 PM. I'm trying to process a refund for a reservation 161212290136 that I tried to cancel on your website but was not allowed. This was a 2 day trip that my wife did not take and the hotel reservation could not be cancelled on your website under my account. After a long call with huge wait times finally the rep told me that Expedia will process a refund for a day but is going to charge me for a... More...
    srmukund's Picture   srmukund    0 Comments   Comments
  • Double charged and over charged by expedia

    Booked a room through Expedia for $79 a night. When checking out the hotel charged me again but to my surprise $20 a night cheaper. Two days later I checked by bank statement and I had been charged by both. Called Expedia to inquire. 1st call I was on with a representative for 25 minutes saying she could not get Internet service. Then she disconnected me. 2nd call much better. She told me that I would be charged the one that was the least due to their guarentee. Today I received a call from the hotel that they had refunded my card. Called Expedia and they would not do anything about... More...
  • Problem with Hotels.com

    I got a NON AT ALL cooperation from a cancelled reservation that I did with HOTELS.COM Here's the story. On July 9th, I try to make a reservation for a hotel in downtown Buffalo via Hotels.com. Unfortunately, I probably click the wrong hotel and I made a reservation (#11325217938: 3 rooms ) with the facility, the Buffalo Courtyard Airport hotel. When I realized my mistake, I cancelled my reservation. However, I then realized that this reservation was not refundable. I then call Hotels.com customer service two times with very poor results. Then they transfer me to their customer... More...
    jrodrigue's Picture   jrodrigue    0 Comments   Comments
  • Refused Boarding

    My son was flying from the Johannesburg to Moncton in Canada on the 2nd July 2013 and booked his return ticket with Expedia. He lives and works in the Congo and did his booking on line there. On arriving to check in he was told he could not board as he did not have an Esta Visa, he travels on a British Passport and was only landing in New York to then get the flight for Toronto. We do realise now that an Esta Visa is required but none of us were aware of this as we have never needed a Visa for the States and especially if you are in transit through the States why would you think to even... More...
    cindygj's Picture   cindygj    0 Comments   Comments
  • Scamming customers

    Several months ago, I booked two seats from upstate New York to Spain on Expedia and made my seat selections online. The flights were on US Airways and Iberia. During the next few months, I received emails from Expedia updating me about changes in the times of some of the flights but saying everything else was in order. Then, the day before our flights, we checked in online only to find that there was no seat allocated to my husband on the US Airways flight. On calling US Airways, we were told Expedia had only put in a request for one seat. I tried to remedy this by calling Expedia... More...
    Razia's Picture   Razia    0 Comments   Comments
  • Incorrect Website will cost me $200!

    I used expedia.com for the first time to book a flight to travel from Baltimore to Augusta, GA. To keep expenses down, I chose to travel thru Reagan Aiport in DC. I specifically searched for an AM flight return for 7/16, chose a flight listed, and trusted the website to be accurate. The AM ONLY search produced one flight that was actually a PM flight, the one I chose. Customer Service, via phone, states this is my fault and my problem and it is not their responsibility if their website is inaccurate. To correct the ticket, so I can return in time for school, I will have to pay $200 -... More...
    herpgoddess's Picture   herpgoddess    0 Comments   Comments
  • Expedia lies and don't care!

    Booked a hotel for four nights, Monday-Thursday with indoor water park listed as included. Check in and find out water park is only open Friday-Sunday. After an hour on the phone with customer service and 3 supervisors I was told they couldn't do anything to refund me a portion of my expense. Not even $10! Ridiculous that they can offer and charge for an amenity and not be able to use it! My kids were left super disappointed and I left feeling cheated and angry. Will never use them again! More...
    Jenlitaker's Picture   Jenlitaker    0 Comments   Comments
  • No refund on hotel under construction

    hotel was under construction on SPRING BREAK.. couldnt use the pool ...called expedia over 11 times and the phillipines and noe on there would help me they just kept hangin up on me... sent in formal complaint to the heaquarters. never heard anything back.. called headquarters, they were suppose to "resolve " it and call me back.. that was 3 months. ago still waiting for the "resolution call" DONT USE EXPEDIA _THEY STINK!! More...
    melissaal's Picture   melissaal    0 Comments   Comments
  • Expedia.com IS A TOTAL SCAM!

    I booked a hotel through Expedia. Paid for 7 nights. Arrived at my destination.. they had no record of that Expedia had booked the room.. I had to pay AGAIN for 7 more nights. (good thing I had a credit card) The hotel said I'd have to deal with Expedia even though I had a printed confirmation & a receipt. It took me almost a full YEAR to get a refund. I was put on hold, hung up on, disconnected, told they would check into it and call me back which they never did. I finally had to write a letter and threaten to SUE them! We aren't talking change here... it was over... More...
    BUMBUG's Picture   BUMBUG    0 Comments   Comments
  • No information about Schengen visa requirement while booking the ticket from expedia.com

    I had booked my Delhi-Dallas flight ticket from Expedia.com website. It had 2 layovers of approximately 2 hrs each in Europe. One was in Vienna and another in Frankfurt. While I was checking-in, people from Austrian airlines told me that I can't travel through this route as I don't have Schengen visa and it is required if you have two layovers in Europe. It was a big surprise for me. I checked again on the Expedia website but it does not mention about the visa requirement anywhere. I had to rebook my tickets and I paid more than $250 for that. It was a big trouble for me arrange... More...
    Archna's Picture   Archna    0 Comments   Comments
  • Expedia cancelled my bookings without informing me and no refund

    I booked/paid return ticket from LAX to BLR thro' , one way used already and my return tkt is originally booked for July 3rd. As I changed my travel plan, called customer service on 5/16 and changed my return date from July 3rd to Aug 21st after spending nearly 2 hours on phone. Everything was fine till then and my itenerary showed up in expedia site too.Yesterday, I checked my itnerary and found my return tkt details are missing both original July3rd one as well as new Aug21st one. Only one way completed details only shows there.Called customer service yesterday night,they... More...
  • Kevin Lin

    This hotel owner is a theft and fraud, please don't go.We stayed there for 2 nights, and for security we decide put our passport and $1400 US give to the hotel owner, she was so nice, told us where we could take the bus, suggest a lot information, but when we want to leave on the last night, we took back the bag(which had passport and money inside), then we trust her so much that we didn't check right the way, after back to the room, my father count the money, then he found out short $400 US(2*$100 & 20*$20),then we went back called the owner, she just said is not her... More...
    KLIN's Picture   KLIN    0 Comments   Comments
  • Expedia.com Never Notified Me About Flight Cancellation

    I booked a flight to Mexico in September - months before my scheduled travel date of May 12. Received an email asking me to contact them about "significant" changes in my itinerary in October. Turns out there was a 5 minute change in the flight departure. No big deal. So now it's two days before I fly - I receive a confirmation saying "no need to call and reconfirm, you are booked." Except I wasn't. I couldn't check in online the day before the flight - because the flight number I was provided DID NOT EXIST. My flight was cancelled and Expedia.com... More...
    Kimmerbeth's Picture   Kimmerbeth    1 Comments   Comments
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