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  • booked reservation for 17 person

    i booked reservation for 17 people to auruba 0n 6-21-15 in morning, received 4 email only one was conformed with passenger list, called c.s , told me i had only resevation for 6 people. while talking system went down he cannot do any thing, transfer me to sales she told she will call which never happend. finally at 8 pm somebody called me but said she can no do anything but can add remainnig 11 pepeople but price will be 600 doller more evry 6 people. i told her to cancel whole thing. she did cancel flight only and told me will leave note for her supervisor for motel cancellation refund.,... More...
  • rebooking fees

    I tried to rebook a flight that I had previously canceled due to severe medical issues. I initially had a $292 credit from the previous canceled flight. When trying to rebook the flight, I was told there was a $200 rebooking fee. Then I was informed that I could no longer use the credit because I was supposed to use it by June 11th, 2015. Is there no grace for severe medical condition? They said that they were following the airline's policy. But when I looked up the airline's policy, the rebooking fee was $50 for all flights in the US. Terrible policy, VERY misleading, and... More...
  • Hotel Booking through Expedia

    I was facing issues using my expedia rewards to book a hotel online. I called customer care service for help with providing me the coupon but they were insistent upon making the booking on phone to probably earn their share. I requet multiple times that I needed to make the booking on my own and just needed their help with the code, but not only they did not provide me that, they actually hung up on me both the times. I am extremely unsatisfied with the lousy customer care service by Expedia More...
  • False price Quote

    As I was booking my flight, the continue booking would not work. I called customer service and they said that the price changed while I was in the process of booking. (immediate) They would not honor the price after I got a runaround about how the airline changed the ticket price, which is not true because I spoke with them also. I am so disappointed in the service and false quote. More...
  • no service, no money back

    I made a ticket reservation from cairo to Jeddah on February 15 and completed the whole process and the money had been debited from my credit card instantly. They gave itinerary number 198114061353 from their system but never gave me a ticket number, after a while I checked my itinerary on their website and surprisingly found that "my reservation has fully cancelled", that's the message I got. I tried to contact them and they said, after hours of waiting on phone, that they will call the airlines and send me an email with resolution. Yesterday I got their email saying that... More...

    I am at my wit's end trying to resolve a dispute with expedia; they have continually ignored my emails and phone calls. The initial problem involved seat resevations for our flights from Edinburgh to Las Vegas; we had originally chosen our seats on each of the flights, both outward and return. However, a couple of minor flight time changeswere then intimated to us. This was all fine and well, except that we were not made aware of the changes, and the fact that our original seat resevations were no longer applicable. The only way we could then get two seats together was to... More...
  • Left with No money. £2000 taken twice.

    I resverved a holiday with expedia. I noticed a mistake and cancelled it within 5 minutes. THe sales agent assured me it had been cancelled and promised an email to confirm this. A ticket confirmation came instead and £2000 was taken. Prior to this i called expedia 9+ times to make sure it doesnt leave my account. It did. Twice even though the payments bounced. I have NO Money left and they continue to LIE about attempted call backs. I am constantly on hold for 45+ minutes and close to commiting suicide. I have NO money left including the overdraft which means I am being charged... More...
  • bad hotel reservation experience

    Itin# 12258858282 i booked my trip over the phone and i told the person that i'll be going by my own car with family and kids. The person suggested a hotel and did the booking. He did not tell me that there's no parking space in the hotel and that i'll have to park my car around 1000 steps down from the hotel and i'll have to pay Rs 600 per day for parking and also arrange for a coolie to pickup/drop my luggage to the hotel. Total of around Rs 3000 over an above the charges i had paid - not to mention the hassle of traveling this distance with small kids and arranging... More...
  • Horrible customer service

    Itin# 12258858282 i booked my trip over the phone and i told the person that i'll be going by my own car with family and kids. The person suggested a hotel and did the booking. He did not tell me that there's no parking space in the hotel and that i'll have to park my car around 1000 steps down from the hotel and i'll have to pay Rs 600 per day for parking and also arrange for a coolie to pickup/drop my luggage to the hotel. Total of around Rs 3000 over an above the charges i had paid - not to mention the hassle of traveling this distance with small kids and arranging... More...
  • Unsatisfactory Service and Support

    Having been a member of Expedia for many years if was sourly disappointed with their service during a recent booking. I booked flights for a client through Expedia with Delta Airlines. Part of the travel was domestic and part International.. Delta changed their domestic itinerary - no issues there - but the revised itinerary would make it impossible for my client to catch the flight as he would still be in transit on his international flight at the time. After emailing Expedia.com twice to ask for advice and resolution without getting any answer I finally called their call centre.... More...
  • Debited my credit card

    I rang Expedia to book flights, they said they hadn't gone through as issue with my credit card being international. As such I went and booked elsewhere. I have received no itinerary from Expedia, nor does one exist, however I have now been debited $6000!! From my credit card. The airline have confirmed this was by Expedia. However Expedia can't find the booking. I've sent Expedia the statement however their turnaround times are slow and their call centre in India seem to have very little information. More...
  • Refund my money

    I booked a flight with Expedia. I get to the airport only to find that the email I receive from Ecoedua quoted me the wrong time for departure. I was 5 mins late of being able to board which made me miss my flight. Only solution they came up with was make it to my designation at 11pm[staying at airport waiting 11 hours]or catch another flight with a different company for 500 extra. I had to pay extra cause I have a wedding to attend. I want my money back ASAP! More...
  • Air ticket booking

    I booked the ticket with expedia.com, As per website price mention, s$337, but got charged S$369.98 means S$32 extra. I called customer care support but they hold me for 30 min after that they inform me application is not working. i have spoken with line manager he told me he will me call after one hr but did not get any reply from them. Please resolve the issue itenary no 11673816865 More...
  • Overcharged

    Couldn't book flight on expedia.ca as none of the cards I used (although they all had 0 balances). I called to book flight, hotel and car and had to go through several credit cards for the travel arrangements to be completed. I had also given my Visa Debit card number and was told they don't accept Visa Debit. In addition to the travel itself, I was charged an additional $1,200 to my credit card and then charged on my VISA DEBIT $932 three times. They now have overcharged me by $4,000. They say they cannot do anything for 7 - 10 days. I also wasted two days on the phone in... More...
  • Breach Flight Information Privacy

    My ex-wife, a former flight attendant, had a colleague at the airline she worked for, access my flight information, booked on Expedia.com. Although an unrelated airline to my Expedia reservation, she was able to receive, travel dates, copies of tickets/invoices and my itinerary's. Does every airline reservation employee have this access? This has to be a serious violation. The information was used in a divorce/custody battle to demonstrate my business travel history, ie being away from home and the children. More...
  • No information about visa requirement while booking the ticket

    I had booked my Delhi-Dallas flight ticket from Expedia.com website. It had 2 layovers of approximately 2 hrs each in Europe. One was in Vienna and another in Frankfurt. While I was checking-in, people from Austrian airlines told me that I can't travel through this route as I don't have Schengen visa and it is required if you have two layovers in Europe. It was a big surprise for me. I checked again on the Expedia website but it does not mention about the visa requirement anywhere. I had to rebook my tickets and I paid more than $250 for that. It was a big trouble for me arrange... More...
  • Fare Bait and Switch

    For a least 18 hours Expedia has been showing bargain one-way fares as low as $80 between Philly and Charlotte,NC. for Memorial Day weekend, but when I click to book it shows the price has increased by two to five times, even over $400 one-way! Yet a search many hours later still comes up with low fares you then find are unavailable. Bait and switch is illegal! What is wrong with Expedia??!! More...
  • Sad!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Horrible experience! I Tried to price check and was on hold for 40 minutes and then hung up on. I called back and asked to speak w/ cust serv, and was hung up on by the next ladyafter telling her my story(I was very calm and kind, never yelled). I even said what were you taught to do as a cust serv rep? I called back again and spoke with supposedly a supervisor or manager who told me " its a free market and if you want to go elsewher go, and if you want to cancel the 500$ hotel reservation , go ahead",! I am still in shock!All of this took over 2 hours away from my life... More...
  • Over Charged

    My wife books reservations at a hotel in California through Expedia. We enjoy our stay and when we check out the clerk hands her a bill that is $200.75 less than what she paid Expedia. She just got off the phone with the Expedia manager and he tells her that she was not supposed to see that receipt and that Expedia will not credit her the difference. Expedia's website states their so called low price guarantee if we find a cheaper price they will credit the difference plus give us a $50 voucher. They say they will do nothing. Should we seek legal help? More...
  • 148615119555

    I asked for cancellation of this reservation, almost seconds after being notified/when the location of the hotel was disclosed. The hotel itself understood the predicament, But Expedia insisted on not refunding or crediting the 95 dollars for a hotel within the area and charged me despite no service from their end. use of hotel was still 5 daway. More...
  • Expedia booked wrong flight time

    Expedia booked a return flight for me at 7:05 in the morning when my ride picking me up at LaGuardia cannot be there until 6 or 7pm..i had booked the flight at 4 or 5 pm. I am a so-called premier customer and i own a Expedia credit card through Citibank. I have called about 10 times and spoken to numerous supervisors. They will not waive the $150 fee because they made a mistake!!! I have used Expedia every time i have gone on vacation and this is the thanks i get??? They even had the nerve to tell me to book a seperate one way home at the time i needed!!!! Are you kidding me!!! I will... More...

    Booked flight with expedia rep from Chicago to LAX. Expedia rep booked the wrong date. When I corrected her on the phone, she said it was too late that our card was already charged and would not be credited for 7-10 days.This was her mistake but now we have to wait another week to rebook. She would not honor the same price for the correct date. Then the customer rep I called to complain to hung up on me, yes hung up. TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE, I WOULD BE ASHAMED. More...
  • Hotel Reimbursement

    I set up a package deal with Expedia for flight and hotel from Detroit to New York itinerary#141366524590. We had an connection in Washington which we did not meet because of a delayed flight from Detroit so we were unable to attend our first night stay in New York so I called Expedia Immediately and spent over 2 hours on the phone and was disconnected 3 times and spoke to 7 different representitves and still nothing was resolved. I have tried to get reimbursement for the first night hotel stay again today and again was disconnected while representive tried to connect me to their... More...
  • expedia worst agency

    Expedia is the worst agency ever! I paid the refundable fee and when I decided to change my trip was a nightmare.. the people who are on the phone are beyond incompetent and their policies were made to kill and fool the costumer. One more time it has been prove that the costumer on big companies doesn't matter. what a shame!. I ended loosing money and without traveling anywhere". When I ask for suggestions were to stay en chicago, the person told me, I never been in chicago, and don't have that information.. WHAT THAT SUPOSSE TO MEAN? They sold me a package that was... More...
  • bad booking

    I am very disappointed about expedia ; one week ago I book several trips to see my dad in Saint Louis that has been diagnose with pancreatic ca , when I call to book my family a person that was hard to understand book my fly I remember telling her that I want to be their on thanksgiving will stay in my sister house and returning on Tuesday of next week ,ask for full insurance because I dint know if my dad will make it up to that time and ask for a mini van for my surprise I was book a week before thanksgiving , a hotel for one day for half of my family ,and half of them with... More...
  • Screwed up hotel reservations

    I booked a hotel room for my aunts and I through Expedia. When we got to the hotel, we found that Expedia had never checked with hotel to find out whether it actually had a room available and that, in fact, they had been booked up long before I made the reservation. The credit card had already been charged for the non-existent room, no one would answer the Expedia customer service line, and we were stranded at 10 o'clock at night with no hotel room. More...
  • unpublished hotel reservation

    I can understand not publishing specific information regarding the hotel names and locations, but shame on Expedia for not disclosing important information like the fact that the hotel is pet friendly! My son carries and Epi-pen and can't be exposed to pet dander. Full disclosure = satisfied customer. A statement indicating the possibility of having to book a smoking room or a pet friendly room would've made a difference in my selection. More...
  • Screwed by both Expedia and Continental

    My Continental/United tickets were purchased more than a month in advance through Expedia. 1. The experience was unsettling from the beginning in that the ticket price increased from the start point of my booking and the checkout phase. 2. Some 48 hours after I booked, I discovered that my return flight was booked for 5:00AM rather than 5:00PM. Its evident that Expedia has a tight alliance with Continental because it quickly and steadfastly defers to Continental policy, rather than trying to back the customer. End result, some $300 to change the flight. I am doubtful of the real benefit... More...
  • Money back please.

    A couple of months ago I purchased a ticket through expedia.com. The dates on my travel changed unexpectedly and so I canceled the ticket and booked another ticket. At that time, I was assured by the customer service agent that I could use the credit for a future flight and that, providing my ticket was cheap enough, it would cover the airline's rebooking fee as well. This morning I went to purchase another ticket that turned out to be $151 cheaper than the credit with the airline. I was told by the expedia customer service agent that the credit should cover the costo of the... More...
  • Expedia hotel review

    I bid on a 2 1/2 star hotel. The hotel expedia provided was clearly not a 2 1/2 star hotel. I had to ask 3 times for toilet paper. There was no closet. They used the luggage rack to prop up the microwave. The price I was charged for this dump was more than I would have paid if I booked directly through the hotel. I will never use or trust expedia ever again. I submitted a clean review to their web site. They refuse to post it. More...
  • SuperShuttle

    Suggest Expedia do not make this their first recommended service and look in to recommending another company.What is the point of making an online reservation through Expedia to use this service when there is no record of it on the airport system? Customers who had not booked got processed quicker! No one seemed to know what they were doing and after a long flight this is not what you need. More...
  • expedia sucks

    Overall, Expedia sucks and stinks. I spent ~ 1500 to book flight, hotel and car on Expedia for my vacation. Later on, two days before my travel, I found my flight itinerary can’t be opened and I have no access to my flight information. I called Expedia, waited for 15 mins, and got no response for the first try. I called Expedia again, waited for 50 mins, and got no answer. I don’t know what do to. If you want to have my experience, feel free to book your vacation plan with Expedia. I am still waiting on the phone for Expedia's answer. It is almost one hour I have been... More...
  • Travel changes

    I have booked with Expedia for many years and never had a problem. I booked a trip for my family for July 10, 2010. I have always been able to check in and view my flight information on line. This time I am not able to because the agent told me that Expedia owns the ticket and I cannot choose my seat or get a boarding pass on line. I have called a few times to try to get this resolved, but have only met with resistance. I then asked if I could cancel the hotel portion of my reservation, again I was informed that I would have to cancel the entire reservation because this trip is a... More...
  • fraud

    Expedia has essentially stolen money by changing dates for my flight and refusing to rectify the situation. They are keepng the money despite the fact that, under the cicumstances, I was unable to take the flight. I did try several times to politely explain the issue but met only with refusals. Perhaps that is because the business is all out sourced or perhaps because this is just how they make their money. I would recommend travel with any company other than Expedia. More...
  • Expedia takes no responsibility but charges anyway

    Booked and prepaid Expedia for a Comfort Suites hotel in San Clemente Calif (14 nights in Dec 08) based on Expedia web site description. We got there and signed in , then we went to the room. My wife and I found the room completly unacceptable - lumpy bed, no makeup counter, no drawers. I told Expedia the hotel was unacceptable and they said they are not responsible for the hotel descriptions on their web site. Then Expedia charged me one nights stay to get out of the contract. Expedia then booked us in Hampton Inn & Suites in San Clemente and charged me $135 a night, claiming this... More...
  • Itinerary number: 125807582237

    EXPEDIA RIP OFF Folks I don’t normally go off on a subject like this, but my experience with Expedia is a slap in the face. They must view their customers like cattle, just dumb enough to fall for anything. When you book a hotel with Expedia, beware. While any hotel will allow you to cancel your reservation, with varied time clauses from 48 to 72 hours, not Expedia. They charged me $25, 99 for a cancelation that I made, six weeks prior to staying at the hotel. When I questioned them on this, this was Expedia’s explanation. “Expedia negotiates special... More...


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